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Mini and Micro Futures

Mini and Micro Futures contracts enable traders to trade futures with less margin than their full sized equivalents. To trade the full sized E-Mini S&P you would need over $10,000 per contract, but the Micro S&P margin is 1/10th the amount. Smaller sized contracts, which are available across asset classes, often have lower fees (both exchange and brokerage) than larger sized contracts. If you are new to Futures trading, or just looking for commodity trade ideas, check out the Commodity Trends Trading Plan, for buy and sell signals on small sized future contracts.
Mon, May 27th, 2024
[[ timeframe ]] futures price quotes as of Mon, May 27th, 2024.
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Consumer Confidence, Earnings and Other Can't Miss Items This Week

Next week we have some additional earnings, a US bank holiday, consumer confidence, and inflation data.

NVDA : 1,064.69 (+2.57%)
COST : 809.73 (+1.68%)
CRM : 272.29 (-2.25%)
Copper at $40,000? Here's The Trade.

The International Energy Forum's recent study found that just to meet business-as-usual trends, 115% more copper must be mined in the next 30 years than the industry has mined historically. With soaring...

CLN24 : 78.13 (+0.53%)
HGN24 : 4.7865 (+0.69%)
SPGI : 438.24 (+0.45%)
NGLOY : 16.7400 (+0.12%)
BHP : 59.63 (+1.50%)
GCM24 : 2,346.1 (+0.50%)
ICOP : 32.60 (+1.74%)
The Allure of Fast Cash, Its Perilous Consequences, And How To Avoid Them

Discover the top reasons investors lose money and how to safeguard your assets.

Marvell Technology Results Due Out This Week Could Push MRVL Stock Higher

Marvell Technology, the chip designer company, is set to release results on Thursday, May 30, after the close. MRVL stock could push higher if the company's free cash flow margins remain high.

MRVL : 76.68 (+2.21%)
Find Out Which AI Stock a Wall Street Analyst Thinks is 76% Overvalued

SoundHound is an overvalued tech stock that has crushed broader market returns in the past 12 months due to the hype surrounding AI companies.

NVDA : 1,064.69 (+2.57%)
SOUN : 5.06 (+1.40%)
NFLX : 646.75 (+1.74%)
MA : 451.18 (-0.01%)
AAPL : 189.98 (+1.66%)
AMZN : 180.75 (-0.17%)
GOOG : 176.33 (+0.73%)
GOOGL : 174.99 (+0.83%)
MSFT : 430.16 (+0.74%)
Why the Time to Buy NXPI Stock is Now

For investors looking to tap into seasonal trends, one analyst says the time to scoop up this semiconductor stock is right now.

NXPI : 277.17 (+1.63%)
Eversource Energy Stock: Is Wall Street Bullish or Bearish?

Despite Eversource Energy's underperformance relative to the broader market this year, Wall Street analysts maintain cautious optimism about its prospects.

ES : 57.53 (unch)
NGM24 : 2.508 (-0.48%)
$SPX : 5,304.72 (+0.70%)
VPU : 154.84 (+0.97%)
Sempra Stock: Analyst Estimates & Ratings

Sempra has underperformed the broader market this year, yet Wall Street analysts remain optimistic about the stock’s prospects.

SRE : 75.84 (-0.03%)
$SPX : 5,304.72 (+0.70%)
VPU : 154.84 (+0.97%)
Is Palo Alto Stock a Buy Right Now?

Cybersecurity stock Palo Alto got punished after lowering the upper rail of its billings guidance, but analysts say the sell-off was an overreaction.

PANW : 321.60 (+3.26%)
MS : 98.97 (+0.05%)
Do Wall Street Analysts Like Constellation Energy Stock?

Constellation Energy has significantly outperformed the broader market this year, and Wall Street analysts remain moderately bullish about the stock’s prospects.

CEG : 230.63 (+4.28%)
EXC : 36.69 (-0.92%)
$SPX : 5,304.72 (+0.70%)
XLU : 71.50 (+1.00%)
GS : 461.18 (+0.66%)
MSFT : 430.16 (+0.74%)
GOOGL : 174.99 (+0.83%)
WFC : 60.21 (+0.89%)
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