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Thu, May 26th, 2022

Steven Baster

Steven Baster

Steven has 20 years experience in the finance industry working for hedge funds and other asset managers. He loves analyzing numbers and conducting researching on the stock market. Steven has built a successful portfolio using options as the backbone of his strategies. He is an expert in vertical spreads, iron condors and earnings trades.

Most Recent Stories

2 Bull Call Spread Trade Ideas For AAPL This Friday

Apple (AAPL) posted a strong day on Thursday, closing up 2.32% and closing at the high of the day. The stock is 21% below its all-time high which may start to get value investors interested.

AAPL : 143.78 (+2.32%)
3 Iron Condor Trade Ideas For May 26th

We can see that Fedex (FDX), Salesforce (CRM) and Snowflake (SNOW) among others have both a high IV Percentile and IV Rank, so let’s use those stocks in our Iron Condor Screener.

FDX : 212.29 (+3.91%)
SNOW : 126.80 (-4.50%)
2 Covered Call Ideas on Johnson & Johnson Stock

With markets looking increasingly volatile, investors might be more interested in generating income rather than capital gains. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is a solid defensive play that has held up well so...

JNJ : 179.46 (-0.09%)
This Energy Stock Has Unusual Options

When a stock experiences unusual option volume, it can indicate large traders making a big bet on the direction of that stock. Unusual option volume is generally referring to activity in a specific option...

CHPT : 11.81 (+9.45%)
PBR : 14.80 (+1.72%)
CCL : 13.21 (+8.46%)
WMB : 36.92 (+0.63%)
Short Straddle Screener Results For March 1st

A short straddle is an advanced options strategy used when a trader is seeking to profit from an underlying stock trading in a narrow range. To execute the strategy, a trader would sell a call and a put...

PFE : 53.99 (+0.52%)
GE : 77.01 (+3.33%)
CSCO : 44.99 (+2.25%)
ABBV : 150.57 (-0.91%)
FDX : 212.29 (+3.91%)
3 Bearish Option Trade Ideas For This Friday

If the bearish stock market has got you down, maybe it’s time to start looking at option trades rather than boring old buy and hold. Today, we’re going to look at how to find bearish options trade...

KO : 64.30 (+0.36%)
AAPL : 143.78 (+2.32%)
BAC : 36.67 (+2.32%)
How To Buy TGT For A 7.5% Discount, Or Achieve A 23% Annual Return

Yesterday, with TGT trading at $161.61, the September put option with a strike price of 150 was trading around $10.50. Traders selling this put would receive $1,050 in option premium. In return for receiving...

TGT : 163.20 (+4.33%)
2 Bear Call Spread Trade Ideas For This Wednesday

AAPL is currently below declining 21 and 50-day moving averages and could be a good candidate for a bearish option trade. Implied volatility is high at around 33%. The twelve-month low for implied volatility...

AAPL : 143.78 (+2.32%)
MCD : 248.09 (+1.67%)
3 Covered Call Ideas For May 17th

Let’s evaluate the first NKE covered call. Buying 100 shares of NKE would cost $11,260. The July 120 strike call option was trading yesterday around $4.25, generating $425 in premium per contract for...

BABA : 94.48 (+14.79%)
ABNB : 114.30 (+3.53%)
MMM : 147.04 (+0.86%)
NKE : 112.94 (+4.38%)
V : 208.55 (+2.31%)
SBUX : 74.49 (+2.77%)
Options Plays for Earnings This Week

This week we have some big retail names reporting in Home Depot (HD), Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT). Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some big moves over earnings, particularly in growth and bitcoin...

HD : 302.81 (+3.15%)
WMT : 126.00 (+2.13%)
TGT : 163.20 (+4.33%)
SE : 79.55 (+5.07%)
JD : 52.72 (+5.04%)
LOW : 195.53 (+3.70%)
CSCO : 44.99 (+2.25%)
AMAT : 115.07 (+6.03%)
DE : 347.51 (+1.32%)
FL : 32.70 (+1.90%)
TEVA : 9.08 (+0.89%)
MNTV : 11.92 (+2.23%)

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