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Futures Market Overview

Sun, May 19th, 2024
No new trades today. Barchart’s Futures Trading Guide is a hypothetical trading system, designed to show you the profitability of commodity trades based on a 9-18 Day MACD Crossover strategy. The result? An insider’s view of the Total Profit generated by the strategy, including historical trade breakdown!

Futures News

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Short Sugar Calendar Spread, Long Natural Gas Butterfly Spread

We're entering a very *bullish* multi-month period for the Sugar markets.  Sugar prices have been pushed sharply lower (partially by the big drop in Crude Oil) but looking forward, seasonals suggest it's...

Grains sector - a swing traders perspective

We give you our TA based analysis of grains

The Era of Weather Volatility Will Continue to Escalate Peaking in the mid 2030's

The History of Weather Volatility is Largely Driven by the 89-Year Solar Gleissberg Cycle, the 40-Year Sea Surface Temperature Cycle and the 220-Year Grande Solar Cycle Minimum. All three cycles are in...

How a weakening El Niño is causing a bear market in soft commodities and grain market volatility

Jim's video focuses on weather and crop issues on four continents

ZSN24 : 1228-0s (+0.97%)
SOYB : 25.52 (+0.28%)
ZCN24 : 452-4s (-0.98%)
CORN : 20.31 (-0.93%)
ZWN24 : 651-2s (-1.81%)
KEN24 : 661-6s (-1.71%)
WEAT : 6.09 (-1.30%)
CCN24 : 7,348s (-0.61%)
KCN24 : 206.60s (+4.40%)
TAGS : 28.15 (-0.60%)
DBA : 23.49 (-0.04%)
Cattle Markets Strong, Hogs Weaken

Strong cash Drives cattle higher

Corn Ends the Week with Losses

Corn futures closed out the Friday session with losses across the board, as contracts were down 2 to 5 ¼ cents. On the week, July was down 17 ¼ cents, with December losing 15 ½ cents. Weekend weather...

ZCN24 : 452-4s (-0.98%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 4.2844 (-1.03%)
ZCU24 : 462-4s (-1.12%)
ZCZ24 : 476-4s (-1.09%)
ZCPZ24US.CM : 4.4657 (-1.22%)
Wheat Ends Friday with Double Digit Weakness

The wheat complex posted weakness across the board on Friday. Chicago contracts were down 2 to 12 cents, led by the front months. Kansas City futures closed with contracts 4 ¼ to 11 ½ cents. MPLS spring...

ZWN24 : 651-2s (-1.81%)
ZWU24 : 672-0s (-1.68%)
KEN24 : 661-6s (-1.71%)
KEU24 : 675-4s (-1.67%)
MWN24 : 711-4s (-1.28%)
Soybeans Hold in For Gains

Soybeans held on for steady to 11 ¾ cent higher trade across the front months at the close, with back month 2025 contracts lower. July soybeans were up 9 cents this week, with November down 2 ¼. Soymeal...

ZMN24 : 368.8s (+0.30%)
ZLN24 : 45.27s (+1.68%)
ZSN24 : 1228-0s (+0.97%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 11.6622 (+1.07%)
ZSQ24 : 1225-2s (+0.70%)
ZSX24 : 1203-2s (+0.35%)
ZSPX24US.CM : 11.4157 (+0.38%)
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Futures Market Map

Home of the Commodity Bull Market Trading Plan

We love the Commodity Markets, we love Trading, and we love Markets that Trend. Commodity Trends is a Red / Green light trading system designed to catch today's monster moves in the commodities markets.

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