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Futures Market Overview

Fri, Jun 21st, 2024
Entry Date
Entry Price
15.595 (-0.065)

Futures News

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Coffee Prices Fall as USDA Projects Increases in Coffee Output and Ending Stocks

September arabica coffee (KCU24 ) on Friday closed down -5.35 (-2.32%), and July ICE robusta coffee (RMN24 ) closed down -75 (-1.71%). Coffee prices on Friday settled moderately lower. Thursday's bi-annual...

KCU24 : 225.00s (-2.32%)
RMU24 : 4,104s (-1.72%)
Three Stocks To Hold As Hurricane Seasons Breaks Land

The North Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 until November 30, and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), experts predict an 85% chance of an “above-normal”...

BRK.A : 617,664.88 (+0.07%)
CB : 264.38 (-0.79%)
HD : 354.88 (+0.41%)
WAGMI Games Sitting Within Extreme Reversal Levels

WAGMI Games is a pioneering Web3 transmedia entertainment franchise that aims to achieve mass adoption by seamlessly integrating mobile gaming, deep lore, and immersive storytelling.

Incomplete Bullish Elliott Wave Sequence in Netflix (NFLX) Argues for More Upside

Short Term Elliott Wave in Netflix (NFLX) shows incomplete bullish sequence from 4.22.2024 low favoring further upside. Rally from 4.22.2024 low is unfolding as an impulse Elliott Wave structure. Up from...

NFLX : 685.69 (+0.98%)
Gold’s Completely Unsurprising Reversal and Next Steps

Did today’s decline in gold surprise you? It shouldn’t.

Wheat Falling into Midday Despite Solid Export Sales

The wheat complex is continuing the losing streak, with contracts down across the three exchanges. Chicago is down 9 to 12 cents across the front months. Kansas City contracts are 7 to 9 cents lower at...

ZWN24 : 561-4s (-1.96%)
ZWU24 : 575-6s (-1.75%)
KEN24 : 581-2s (-1.82%)
KEU24 : 587-0s (-1.88%)
MWN24 : 611-6 (-1.13%)
Cotton Collapsing on Friday

Cotton prices are trading lower on Friday’s midday, with nearby July a tick off the 300 point limit lower and other contracts 19 to 52 points in the red. Outside factors are piling on the pressure, with...

CTN24 : 69.05 (-2.54%)
CTV24 : 72.06 (+0.25%)
CTZ24 : 72.33 (-0.40%)
Corn Price Action Pulled Lower into Midday

Corn futures are fading off the attempted early morning strength, as contracts are down 2 to 3 cents at midday. July options expire today, with $4.40 a possible pin. Futures seem reluctant to take off...

ZCN24 : 435-0s (-1.08%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 4.1956 (-1.20%)
ZCU24 : 440-4s (-0.96%)
ZCZ24 : 453-2s (-0.77%)
ZCPZ24US.CM : 4.2173 (-1.27%)
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