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Futures Market Overview

Mon, Oct 21st, 2019
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Pound slips as UK leaves BoJo deal aside and votes to delay Brexit

The pound fell to 1.2875 against the US dollar, as British lawmakers voted to ask for a delay on the Brexit deadline on Saturday rather than voting on the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson put on the table....

Soybean (ZS) Testing Weekly Chart Downchannel Resistance

Soybean (ZS) is trying to resume an upchannel (on the 4hr and daily chart) to start the week, but may need another week or so of consolidation after a massive rally from the September low. Significantly,...

Currencies Show A Shift to Safety And Maturity, What Does It Mean?

Recent rotation in multiple foreign currencies hints at the fact that a new stage of the Capital Shift...

Trading the USDCAD and the Loonie

We present a trade idea for the Canadian Dollar

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Platinum Prices Look Interesting

Seery Futures - Sun Oct 20, 3:45PM CDT

I Remain Bullish Soybean Meal

Seery Futures - Sun Oct 20, 3:44PM CDT

USDCHF resuming its bearish run - Elliott Wave analysis

Elliott Wave Service - Sun Oct 20, 3:42PM CDT

EURUSD More Price Strength Envisaged - Sun Oct 20, 12:45PM CDT

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