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Power your commodity trading with streaming prices, historical data, and all our proprietary content - automate your workflows toady

Exchange Data

cmdtyView Excel has access to all the global exchange data that is available through the cmdtyView® terminal. Delayed and historical data is included - with real-time commodity prices available from our global exchange partners

Exclusive Content

Our Excel tools are packed with all of the proprietary content that customers trust cmdty to deliver. Access our physical pricing for commodities, cmdtyIndexes price assessments, and fundamental data from cmdtyStats

Advanced Features

Build charts and curves, stream commodity prices, and pull deep historical data in a flexible and scalable environment. Tied to the cmdtyView® terminal - our desktop solutions give users everything they need for modern workflows



  • Commodity Prices - Global commodity prices from CME Group, ICE, Euronext, and many more - with real-time data also available

  • cmdtyStats - The premier source of aggregated economic data and commodity statistics built into the cmdtyView® terminal

  • Grain Prices - Best-in-class local grain bid data from Agricharts - the premier data provider for North America grain

  • cmdtyNewswires - Our streaming newswire service with access to editorial, market chatter, and need-to-know content from the USDA

  • cmdtyIndexes - Our indexes ensure that the price that you're buying or selling is the true market price


Customize charting views to your needs with historical commodity prices and streaming updates. Choose from aggregations including intraday, daily, or even monthly data to display charts which meet your needs. Tweak the look and feel to support your workflows and even plot seasonal data to visualize historical pricing patterns.



Power high-performance applications with real-time data and position monitoring. Build dynamic trading decision models that trigger events based on price activity. Real-time quotes available through our Excel add-in keep your workflows operating at peak performance.



Get all of our commodity data and prices in cmdtyView®
All of our exclusive data and prices are available through the cmdtyView® terminal – a fully web-based and responsive commodity trading platform that works seamlessly across all of your devices.


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