Simplify your producer relationship management with Barchart’s producerViewSM CRM

The CRM application is very intuitive and requires no customization or installation. You can unlock the value producerView provides from day one.

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Core features are essential to managing business relationships, whether you need to find a phone number, birthday of a long-term customer or need to search notes from a call during last harvest, producerView CRM provides you with the tools to get the job done.

Customer Details & Contact Information

Customer Communication (email, phone, text)

Notes (arrange by date and searchable)

Farm Mapping (plot client farms and your locations)


Grain Origination

Grain Origination features are the essence of your grain buying, procurement and hedging business. From competitive bid monitoring to the calculation and distribution of bids to managing offers and contracts, producerView makes running your business easier and more organized.

Bid & Offer Management

Customer Contract Management

Competitor Bid Analysis

Automatically connected to cmdtyView & Marketplace Apps

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Barchart’s producerView CRM puts key producer data in your hands providing you with a complete picture of your grain buying relationship. Through our partner integrations, producerView enhances your ERP investment by working hand-in-hand.

Seamlessly sync with your ERP provider

Access Tickets, Settlements, Balances, Contracts

Push Data into your ERP

Send eSign to your Producers Mobile App



No CRM is complete without the ability to analyze customer data and generate reports. With producerView’s built-in analytics, identifying trends, top customers and generating client reports is a breeze. And with Barchart’s AI copilot you’ll be able to perform relationship management tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Get a Dashboard View of your Overall Positions & Relationships

View Analytics on Customer Data, like Trends & Lists

Generate Reports for Individual Clients

Use Barchart’s AI copilot to Perform Tasks


How it Works

Barchart’s producerView CRM is easy-to-use. All you need is an ERP integration with Barchart and a web-browser. Yes, you can leverage an existing ERP integration. The CRM application is very intuitive and requires no customization or installation. You can unlock the value producerView provides from day one.

Where to go from here

As a grain merchandiser, ask yourself: Do my end-user customers expect me to have a greater understanding of my producers? Am I equipped to meet the increasing demands regarding traceability, farming practices and carbon intensity scores? producerView will swiftly emerge as the go-to platform for all these records, enabling merchandisers to dedicate less time to administrative tasks and more to crucial responsibilities.
CRM systems used to be exclusive to large companies that could cover the costs of customization and consultants to tailor generic CRMs to the grain industry. We've undertaken that effort to make cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone.

Get Started

Getting started is simple. It's completely off-the-shelf so no customization or installation is required. To start using producerView, you can contact us below or reach out directly to your Barchart Sales Representative. We look forward to serving you and showing you all that producerView is capable of!
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