Barchart Digital

Watchlist Solutions

Acquire users and keep them coming back with a watchlist from Barchart. We make it easy to design, build, and deploy - so you don't have to.

Nothing Is More Effective at User Conversion

Barchart's Watchlist system is the premier tool to capture, activate, and monetize your users.

Convert your traffic into registrations and paid users with our proven Watchlist tools.

Use our battle-tested Watchlist APIs with your UI or let Barchart deliver a fully responsive and dynamic user experience that will incent user engagement and monetization regardless of your economic model.

Robust Tools That Scale To Your Needs

We can responsively integrate into your customer-facing application.

Whether you're building a desktop client or mobile apps - our tools scale to meet your needs.

  • Fully customize the look and feel with API-based styling
  • Superior implementation support and a robust customer service team
  • Integrate our Charting APIs for optimal user engagement and monetization
  • Transparent and well-documented to ensure success
  • Let us advise your team on the best features and tools for user engagement

Why Barchart Digital?



Get started with fully responsive watchlists that make the right impression on any device.

  • Supports all modern browsers across desktop or mobile
  • Deliver a consistent and superior user experience - all the time


Our solution can be tailored to your needs with deep expertise in building features to drive user engagement

  • Build content modules to spec or leverage Barchart's design team
  • Take advantage of our vast data library to deliver content that matters

Migration Experience

Using another vendor and concerned about a migration? We've been there and done that.

  • Trust us to take care of the migration from your previous vendor regardless of the payload
  • Our integration team is dedicated to ensuring all your data is transfered