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Insider Trading Activity – Follow the Smart Money

A list of all insider trading activity recorded for the last 5 calendar days.
Thu, Jun 8th, 2023

Insider trading refers to when a company’s executives, board of directors, and/or major shareholders buy or sell company stock based on non-public company information. Being aware of insider trades can help identify what insiders (i.e., smart money) think will happen in the future. For example, if a significant number of shares are bought before an earnings announcement or before the results of a drug trial are publicly released, it could suggest that insiders think the company is about to release some good news, and that the share price will rise shortly. Barchart’s Insider Trading Activity page shows all insider trading recorded for the last 5 calendar days, with the option to filter by a specific transaction date, transaction type, or dollar amount of the transaction.

Buy/Sell Transactions Last 60 Days
Click on any bar to see the trades below the chart.
Highest Number of Trades Last 60 Days
Symbol Name Nbr of Trades Buy Sell
TEAM Atlassian Corp 83 0 83
PTC Ptc Inc 37 0 37
HCMC Healthier Choi 29 0 29
MNDY Ltd 24 0 24
BLZE Backblaze Inc 23 0 23
OPOF Old Point Finl 21 21 0
ACLS Axcelis Tech I 21 0 21
TPL Texas Pacific 21 21 0
FXNC First Natl Cor 21 21 0
BCBP Bcb Bancorp In 21 21 0
LEGH Legacy Housing 20 0 20
BBGI Beasley Broadc 20 20 0
Highest Trade Value Last 60 Days
Symbol Name Transaction Total Buy Sell
AGL Agilon Health $1,958,937,549 0 1
STZ Constellation $862,485,140 0 9
PLTK Playtika Holdi $624,967,313 0 2
GTES Gates Industri $544,910,304 1 1
PRVA Privia Health $536,472,909 0 9
RYAN Ryan Specialty $361,073,454 0 10
APP Applovin Corp $345,000,000 0 5
CNM Core & Main In $318,468,981 0 15
OXY Occidental Pet $272,996,167 3 0
SOVO Sovos Brands I $192,895,000 0 7
GLBE Global-E Onlin $186,559,195 0 1
HAYW Hayward Holdin $183,490,197 0 2
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