Unlock the Power of Barchart.com in Microsoft Excel
Unlock the Power of Barchart.com in Microsoft Excel

Barchart.com data is now directly available with Excel, complete with real-time stock quotes. With the power of Excel you can analyze and monitor the markets with complete flexibility and the familiarity of Excel. You can stream stock, index, futures and currency quotes, instantly load historical data, sync your Barchart.com Watchlists and Portfolios, build custom Worksheets and apply Excel functionality to price and technical data.

Features That Help You Excel
Barchart is committed to providing you with the best tools in Excel for navigating today's markets.
Unlock the Power of Barchart.com in Microsoft Excel
Use the Power of Excel to unlock the Barchart Data Store
Barchart Excel provides easy-to-use access to the same data and analysis you can find on Barchart.com, but more of it.

  • Access Stocks, ETF's, Equity Options, Mutual Funds, Futures, Commodities, Forex and Cryptos - you can download daily data back to the inception of our database, or 1-minute data going back 10-years in seconds across multiple asset classes.

  • Preview your Portfolio or Watchlist today with Realtime market updates - or view the price of your holdings as of 1-month, 3-months, or from any fixed date in time.

  • Barchart Excel provides real-time NYSE, Cboe BXZ, and Nasdaq time series data on not only price data, but on nearly 100 different technical indicators available to chart or to display within Excel.

  • With Barchart Excel you can have 1,000's of symbols from your watchlist appear immediately, with 100's of columns of custom views featuring price, technical and fundamental information - and historical data is always just 1-click away.
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