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Darin Newsom

Thu, Sep 23rd, 2021

Darin Newsom

Darin Newsom

I am not a trader. I am not an economist. I am an analyst and a commentator who, over the last 30-plus years, has built my own way of analyzing markets. That being the case, I won’t tell you something is important when it isn’t. Instead I will keep you informed on my read of what the market is trying to tell us.

Darin is an award-winning columnist with a unique style of writing that both informs and entertains. Darin provides his unique analytical observations and years of experience with DTN, on market outlook and how markets work in an entertaining and informative manner.

Most Recent Stories

S&P 500: Seasonals, Swans, and Swallows

Immediately after I posted my previous discussion on S&P 500 seasonality, US stock markets collapsed. Was this seasonal or something else?

US Stock Markets: Stop the Seasonal Madness

A popular theme on financial television these days is September is a seasonally bearish time for US stock markets. The evidence does not support this idea.

US Dollar Index Bulls Toot Their Own Horns

The short-term rally by the US dollar index may not make a lot of sense, but at least it's consistent.

Lumber: The Power of "S"

The rise and fall of the lumber market over the last year was historic, with the next move looking to already be under way.

LSX21 : 635.70 (+1.39%)
December Corn: Magic Lines

A friend used to always tell me technical analysis was based on "magic lines". those lines held true Friday in December corn.

ZCZ21 : 529-2s (+0.71%)
Live Cattle: For Whom the Bull Tolls

Cattle futures spreads have been running wider than normal for the better part of a year, and some see this as a bullish supply and demand situation.

LEV21 : 123.225s (-0.04%)
Corn: Something to Gnaw On

As usual, I'm reminded of a song after a question came in about the corn market, "Are the Good Times Really Over For Good?"

ZCPAUS.CM : 5.1258 (+0.67%)
ZCZ21 : 529-2s (+0.71%)
Soybean Fundamentals: Things Change

As I look at what has happened to the soybean forward curve over time, I'm reminded of a Dwight Yoakam song.

Fundamentals: Real versus Perceived

A lot of analysts like to make up reasons "why" a market moves every day, often using catch phrases rather than simply looking at what happened.

KCU21 : 183.50s (-2.03%)
SBV21 : 19.49s (+0.83%)
ZWU21 : 685-0s (+1.56%)
Corn Fundamentals: Still Tight, and Tightening

Though I still think USDA is underestimating US 2020-2021 corn stocks, a study of data late in the marketing year shows the situation continues to tighten.

ZCPAUS.CM : 5.1258 (+0.67%)
ZCBAUS.CM : -0.1666 (-2.02%)
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