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Darin Newsom

Tue, May 24th, 2022

Darin Newsom

Darin Newsom

I am not a trader. I am not an economist. I am an analyst and a commentator who, over the last 30-plus years, has built my own way of analyzing markets. That being the case, I won’t tell you something is important when it isn’t. Instead I will keep you informed on my read of what the market is trying to tell us.


Darin is an award-winning columnist with a unique style of writing that both informs and entertains. Darin provides his unique analytical observations and years of experience with DTN, on market outlook and how markets work in an entertaining and informative manner.

Most Recent Stories

Cattle Spreads and the May 1 Cattle on Feed Report

Activity in cattle spreads during the month of April told us what was happening with placements and marketings, and ultimately the number of head on feed as of May 1. It doesn't matter if USDA agrees in...

LEM22 : 132.775s (+0.91%)
Was the April Retail Sales Number Actually Bullish?

The talking heads of financial television have spoken and the April retail sales number was bullish. Even if it really wasn't.

$INX : 3,973.75 (+1.86%)
$DOWI : 31,880.24 (+1.98%)
$NASX : 11,535.27 (+1.59%)
World Wheat, Wars, and Weather

Given ongoing world events and unrelenting weather around the world, global wheat markets have taken center stage of late.

KEN22 : 1288-0 (+0.90%)
MWU22 : 1316-4 (+1.46%)
ZWN22 : 1202-0 (+1.01%)
There's More to Record High Gas Prices than Gouging

While price gouging is always possible in the petroleum industry, we have to consider how fundamental dynamics have also changed.

RBM22 : 3.7121 (-2.25%)
The Corn Markets' Real Fundamentals

I know a lot of folks are anxiously awaiting USDA's latest set of Supply and Demand imaginary numbers. However, real fundamentals are in front of us every hour of every trading day.

ZCPAUS.CM : 7.7765 (+1.05%)
ZCBAUS.CM : -0.0859 (+6.53%)
LEM22 : 132.775s (+0.91%)
RBM22 : 3.7121 (-2.25%)
Economic Indicators Including Beef Cutouts and CPI Grow More Bearish

The US continues to see increasingly bearish economic indicators including a higher than expected April Consumer Price Index and a strengthening downtrend in beef cutout markets.

LEM22 : 132.775s (+0.91%)
No New Soybean Sales Made, No New Soybean Sales Needed

I've been looking for possible announcements of new old-corp soybean export sales the last couple morning. As it turns out, the market doesn't need them.

ZSBAUS.CM : -0.3007 (+5.38%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 16.5692 (-0.99%)
The Golden Rule of Grain

Regardless of commodity, the relationship between underlying cash markets and commodity futures is central to understanding market dynamics, including potential bubbles forming.

ZCBAUS.CM : -0.0859 (+6.53%)
ZSBAUS.CM : -0.3007 (+5.38%)
ZWBAUS.CM : -0.5940 (+0.32%)
S&P in Long-Term Downtrend; Completes Head and Shoulders Pattern

US stock indexes in general have been bearish for nearly all of 2022, led by the S&P 500 as it completed a head and shoulder topping pattern at the end of April.

$INX : 3,973.75 (+1.86%)
$DOWI : 31,880.24 (+1.98%)
$NASX : 11,535.27 (+1.59%)
Are Soybean Still a Good Long-Term Investment?

If we think of commodities as long-term investment opportunities, we can use some of the same techniques Mr. Buffett has talked about over the decades.

BRK.A : 464,510.00 (+1.75%)
KO : 62.86 (+3.08%)
CTZ22 : 124.74 (-0.98%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 16.5692 (-0.99%)
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