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Darin Newsom

Thu, Jun 24th, 2021

Darin Newsom

Darin Newsom

I am not a trader. I am not an economist. I am an analyst and a commentator who, over the last 30-plus years, has built my own way of analyzing markets. That being the case, I won’t tell you something is important when it isn’t. Instead I will keep you informed on my read of what the market is trying to tell us.

Darin is an award-winning columnist with a unique style of writing that both informs and entertains. Darin provides his unique analytical observations and years of experience with DTN, on market outlook and how markets work in an entertaining and informative manner.

Most Recent Stories

Cash Grains: A Long-term View of Intrinsic Value

The commodity sector in general has long been viewed as a volatile, short-term trading arena with more similarity to a casino environment than long-term investment opportunity.  However, the development...

ZCPAUS.CM : 6.3862 (-1.37%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 13.4105 (-0.89%)
KEPAUS.CM : 5.8631 (-0.81%)
Corn Basis: A Swift Kick in the Pants

The cmdty National Corn Basis Index was hit hard Tuesday.  There are a number of possible reasons for the dramatic weakening, including the realization USDA is overestimating US corn stocks. ...

Corn Basis: Wh(e)at's in the Feed Bunk?

Recent weeks have seen national average corn basis weakening, despite continued solid weekly export shipment numbers.  Meanwhile, national average HRW wheat basis has been strengthening despite harvest...

ZCBAUS.CM : -0.1463 (+12.60%)
KEBAUS.CM : -0.1968 (+5.75%)
The Fed and Fundamentals

It has been an incredible week across the commodity sector, with much of the activity tied to the recently concluded Federal Open Market Committee meeting.  Though interest rates were left unchanged,...

Hard Red Cash Wheat Spread: Protein Powered

The protein market is a key component of the various wheat markets.  Spring wheat historically has higher protein levels, so when production is threatened the market cranks into high gear as millers...

MWPAUS.CM : 7.5775 (+0.76%)
KEPAUS.CM : 5.8631 (-0.81%)
Soybean Fundamentals: We've Seen This Before

Though filled with flaws, we can at least say USDA's monthly Supply and Demand reports are consistent.  The trend of its 2020-2021 US soybean ending stocks numbers bring to mind a similar path seen...

ZSPAUS.CM : 13.4105 (-0.89%)
Old-Crop Corn: Further From the Truth

The cmdty National Corn Price Index, the intrinsic value of the corn market, continues to show the US 2020-2021 supply and demand situation is tight.  However, it's not as tight as USDA is guessing...

ZCPAUS.CM : 6.3862 (-1.37%)
HRS Wheat Inverse: Rained Out

Weather markets, by their nature, are extremely volatile.   The latest classic example of this is what has happened in the Minneapolis spring wheat futures market so far this week. Futures spreads...

MWU21 : 805-2s (+0.37%)
Hard Red Spring Wheat: Wow

The hard red spring wheat market has become one of the more interesting in the grain and oilseed complex. The new-crop market continues to be driven by dry conditions across the Northern Plains, with the...

MWBAUS.CM : -0.5149 (+2.30%)
MWN21 : 809-2s (+0.56%)
cmdty Cash Indexes and Stocks-to-Use

US grain and oilseed supply and demand situations continued to tighten during May. Based on the cmdty National Soybean Price Index, 2020-2021 is closing in on an historically tight situation. It will be...

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