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U.S. Dollar Index ($DXY)

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U.S. Dollar Index Futures Market News and Commentary

Stocks Fall Back on Middle East Tensions and Chip Stock Weakness

The S&P 500 Index ($SPX) (SPY) this morning is down -0.25%, the Dow Jones Industrials Index ($DOWI) (DIA) is up +0.41%, and the Nasdaq 100 Index ($IUXX) (QQQ) is down -0.92%. 

US stock indexes this morning are mixed, with the S&P 500 falling to a 1-3/4 month low and the Nasdaq 100 dropping to a 2-1/2 month low.  Negative corporate news and escalating geopolitical risks are undercutting stocks.  Super Micro Computer is down more than -15% on earnings concerns after the company announced the date of its Q3 results but didn’t pre-announce results.  Also, Netflix is down more than -8% after forecasting Q2 revenue below consensus.  In addition, Jabil is down more than -3% after CEO Wilson was placed on paid leave pending the completion of an investigation related to corporate policies. 

Demand concerns are weighing on chip stocks today after Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the world’s largest maker of advanced chips, scaled back its expectations for 2024 semiconductor... Read more

Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
103.17 +2.73%
on 03/21/24
106.51 -0.49%
on 04/16/24
+2.13 (+2.05%)
since 03/19/24
102.35 +3.56%
on 03/08/24
106.51 -0.49%
on 04/16/24
+2.76 (+2.67%)
since 01/19/24
99.57 +6.45%
on 07/14/23
107.34 -1.26%
on 10/03/23
+4.00 (+3.92%)
since 04/19/23

Most Recent Stories

More News
Why is Gold Ignoring Higher Rates and a Stronger Dollar?

Gold is the world’s oldest currency. Historically, rising interest rates and a strong U.S. dollar have been bearish for gold prices. Meanwhile, the traditional trading patterns have not impacted gold...

ZBM24 : 114-24 (+0.55%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
GCM24 : 2,407.9 (+0.41%)
Gold: Is $2,000 a Bottom?

Gold reached a new record high in 2023 and was the only precious metal with a significant gain last year. While the $2,000 level was a technical resistance level over the past years, it has become technical...

GCJ24 : 2,377.8 (-0.19%)
ZBH24 : 118-24s (+0.45%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
Will the Dollar Index Move Out of its Trading Range?

The dollar index measures the U.S. currency against the other leading reserve currencies. The euro has the highest exposure at 57.6%. Interest rate differentials are the most significant factor for the...

$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
ZBH24 : 118-24s (+0.45%)
UUP : 28.87 (-0.12%)
UDN : 17.75 (+0.25%)
Gold: Is Gold a Buy Below $2,000?

The gold bull market continued to take the leading precious metal to new record highs in late 2023. In early 2024, gold prices have pulled back from the highs but remain above the $2,000 level. A decline...

GCJ24 : 2,377.8 (-0.19%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
Where is the U.S. Dollar Index Headed in 2024?

The dollar index has gone to sleep in a 103 to 104 trading range. After trading below the 100 level in July and above 107 in October, the index has not moved much as stability returned to the dollar against...

$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
The Dollar Index Recovers- Will it Continue to Rally?

The bearish trend in the U.S. dollar index took it from a twenty-year high in September 2022 to below the 100 level in July 2023. After probing under the psychological level, the index has recovered as...

ZBZ23 : 123-23s (+0.38%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
UUP : 28.87 (-0.12%)
UDN : 17.75 (+0.25%)
For US Stock Indexes, is it 1987 All Over Again?

Chaos Theory tells us that one difference changes the outcome. As we compare 2023 US stock markets back to 1987, is there something telling us the situation is different?

$INX : 4,995.36 (-0.31%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
GCY00 : 2,392.11 (+0.59%)
Does the Selloff in Gold Mark the End of the Bull Market for the Precious Metal?

Gold made an ominous bearish technical pattern when it made a double-top, reaching $2,072 per ounce in March 2022 and May 2023. Since the latest peak, the price action turned bearish, with the precious...

GCZ23 : 2,081.9s (+1.15%)
ZBZ23 : 123-23s (+0.38%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
Is What the Fed Said a Surprise?

While some like to say they were surprised by what the US Fed did and said, the reality is there has been plenty of time to plan ahead based on previous comments.

$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)
^EURUSD : 1.06601 (+0.16%)
Is the Euro and FXE Destined to Decline?

The euro is the world’s second leading reserve currency behind the U.S. dollar. The euro is the pan-European currency that changed the foreign exchange market at the turn of this century. The euro fell...

FXE : 98.49 (+0.15%)
^EURUSD : 1.06601 (+0.16%)
$DXY : 105.99 (-0.17%)

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 72% Buy with a Average short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

The market is approaching overbought territory. Be watchful of a trend reversal.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 106.78
2nd Resistance Point 106.48
1st Resistance Point 106.33
Last Price 105.99
1st Support Level 105.88
2nd Support Level 105.58
3rd Support Level 105.43

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52-Week High 107.34
Last Price 105.99
Fibonacci 61.8% 104.37
Fibonacci 50% 103.46
Fibonacci 38.2% 102.54
52-Week Low 99.57

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