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Top 5 Marijuana Stocks for 2019
With individual stock selection now more critical than ever, this report is designed to bring you some of our top ideas in the marijuana industry this year.
One of the companies highlighted in this report offers a life-changing therapy that reduces the number of seizures in children with two rare types of childhood-onset epilepsy. It has the potential for the stock to sky-rocket. You need to find out the name of this company before the rest of the market does.
P.S. Not many retail investors pay attention to the marijuana sector. Use this complimentary guide and get a head start on your path to profiting from the booming cannabis industry!
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Traders in Financial Futures Net Positions

The Traders in Financial - [[ cotView ]] COT report provide a breakdown of each Tuesday’s open interest, updated Friday at 3pm CT.
Wed, Apr 24th, 2019
As of: [[ lastUpdate ]]
As of: [[ lastUpdate ]]
52W High 52W Low Prior period's value was negative Prior period's value was positive
Prior period's value was negative Prior period's value was positive
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Commodity 52W High 52W Low [[ date ]]
Commodity Net Positions Net Change Long Positions Change Short Positions Change Net Positions 52W Range
[[ item.symbolName ]] [[ item.net52wHigh ]] [[ item.net52wLow ]] [[ item.history[key].net ]]
[[ item.symbolName ]] [[ ]] [[ item.netChange ]] [[ item.long ]] [[ item.longChange ]] [[ item.short ]] [[ item.shortChange ]]
[[ item.net52wLow ]]
[[ item.net52wHigh ]]

These participants are what are typically described as the "sell side" of the market. Though they may not predominately sell futures, they do design and sell various financial assets to clients. They tend to have matched books or offset their risk across markets and clients. Futures contracts are part of the pricing and balancing of risk associated with the products they sell and their activities. These include large banks (U.S. and non-U.S.) and dealers in securities, swaps and other derivatives.

The rest of the market comprises the "buy-side," which is divided into three separate categories:

Asset Manager/Institutional

These are institutional investors, including pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, mutual funds and those portfolio/investment managers whose clients are predominantly institutional.

Leveraged Funds

These are typically hedge funds and various types of money managers, including registered commodity trading advisors (CTAs); registered commodity pool operators (CPOs) or unregistered funds identified by CFTC. The strategies may involve taking outright positions or arbitrage within and across markets. The traders may be engaged in managing and conducting proprietary futures trading and trading on behalf of speculative clients.

Other Reportables

Reportable traders that are not placed into one of the first three categories are placed into the "other reportables" category. The traders in this category mostly are using markets to hedge business risk, whether that risk is related to foreign exchange, equities or interest rates. This category includes corporate treasuries, central banks, smaller banks, mortgage originators, credit unions and any other reportable traders not assigned to the other three categories.

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