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European Futures Market Overview

Sun, Jul 14th, 2024

Futures News

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Crude Oil calendar spread and Copper calendar spread

Crude Oil is entering a period of seasonal weakness.  The September and October calendar spread has hypothetically profited in 13 of the past 15 years when entered on July 19 and exited on August 7.

Soybean 999.00 Target & What Changes That

Educational and Actionable information using Fibonacci and W.D. Gann analysis.

ZSQ24 : 1105-0s (-1.07%)
Lower June inflation brings buoyancy to commodity markets

USDA report friendly corn, finally!

Pure Hedge - Livestock and Grain

New Lows Coming to the Livestock and Grain Markets?

The Great Stay: Why Job Hopping Has Hit the Skids

You can stick a fork in the Great Resignation -- it's done. Here's why we find ourselves in the Great Stay, and how to improve your chances if you still want to change jobs.

Send in the La Niña & Hot-Dry Corn Belt Clowns

Jim pokes some kind-hearted fun at the differences of professional opinions among meteorologists in the commmodity/weather space.

ZSX24 : 1065-2s (-0.23%)
SOYB : 22.99 (-0.56%)
ZCU24 : 402-0s (+0.44%)
CORN : 18.19 (+1.06%)
ZWU24 : 550-6s (-3.59%)
WEAT : 5.16 (-2.64%)
DBA : 24.38 (-0.45%)
TAGS : 25.90 (-0.69%)
NGQ24 : 2.329s (+2.69%)
UNG : 15.50 (+1.84%)
BOIL : 12.38 (+2.91%)
KOLD : 61.10 (-3.03%)
Livestock Markets End Week on a Positive Note

Hogs continue higher, Feeders show strength while August cattle limps higher

Soybeans Falls on Friday as Record Large Spec Short Looms

Soybeans got some modestly bull friendly USDA data today, but bears were defending their large short position. Contracts posted steady to 12 cent losses across most months. Deferred contracts beyond August...

ZMZ24 : 314.1s (-0.44%)
ZLZ24 : 45.59s (-1.21%)
ZSQ24 : 1105-0s (-1.07%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 10.7162 (-1.17%)
ZSU24 : 1058-4s (-0.49%)
ZSX24 : 1065-2s (-0.23%)
ZSPX24US.CM : 10.0567 (-0.29%)
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Euro Long Term Trends

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