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Andrew Hecht

Wed, Jul 17th, 2024

Andrew Hecht

Andrew Hecht

Andrew Hecht is a commodities trader and analyst with over forty years of experience. He began his career at Philipp Brothers, the world's leading merchant physical commodities trading company, in the 1970s through the 1990s. Hecht spent two decades with Philipp Brothers working in the commodities division, Salomon Brothers division, and at Phibro Energy where he ran trading, sales, and marketing in a wide range of commodity products. He subsequently worked with banks, hedge funds, and institutions trading commodities and managing risk. The business took him around the globe to assist producers and consumers. 

Andy has taught at the university level and writes prolifically on commodities for many portals. He has been one of the top-rated and followed contributors at Seeking Alpha and other sites, including Barchart over the past years.

Most Recent Stories

Where are Soft Commodities Heading in Q3 and Beyond?

The soft commodities sector moved lower in Q2 2024 but was still higher than the 2023 closing level at the end of June. Softs were still the leading sector over the first six months of 2024.

CCU24 : 7,763s (-1.03%)
CTZ24 : 72.07s (+0.98%)
KCU24 : 243.15s (-0.18%)
SBV24 : 19.36s (-1.33%)
OJU24 : 430.35s (-4.42%)
CANE : 11.85 (-1.21%)
Where are Base Metals Heading in Q3 and Beyond?

The base metals sector of the commodities market moved higher in Q2 2024 and was higher than the 2023 closing level at the end of June. LME zinc led on the upside, while tin posted double-digit percentage...

HGU24 : 4.4095 (-0.90%)
P0Y00 : 9,663.50s (-1.45%)
Q3Y00 : 2,821.20s (-2.47%)
Q2Y00 : 33,171.00s (-0.23%)
P4Y00 : 2,406.00s (-2.25%)
P6Y00 : 2,184.00s (-0.18%)
P8Y00 : 16,594.00s (-0.64%)
Where are Precious Metals Heading in Q3 and Beyond?

The precious metals sector of the commodities market moved higher in Q2 2024 and was higher than the 2023 closing level at the end of June. Silver led on the upside, while platinum and gold posted impressive...

SIU24 : 30.490 (-3.08%)
GCQ24 : 2,463.2 (-0.19%)
PLV24 : 1,007.2 (-0.43%)
PAU24 : 954.50 (-0.24%)
GLTR : 107.55 (-1.31%)
Where are Grain and Oilseed Prices Heading in Q3 and Beyond?

Grain and oilseed prices have been under selling pressure since making all-time or multi-year highs in 2022. The selling continued in Q1 and Q2 2024. As we move into the second half of 2024, prices have...

ZCZ24 : 411-6s (+0.73%)
ZSX24 : 1041-0s (-0.22%)
ZWU24 : 539-2s (+1.60%)
Where are Animal Proteins Prices Heading in Q3 and Beyond?

The animal protein sector of the commodities market, including live and feeder cattle and lean hog futures, edged marginally higher in Q2. Meats are now in the middle of the peak demand season, when prices...

LEQ24 : 184.275s (+0.88%)
GFQ24 : 258.550s (-0.03%)
HEQ24 : 91.650s (+0.41%)
Is Lumber Close to a Bottom?

After posting a slight rise in Q1, lumber futures are now over 21% lower since the end of 2023. The path of least resistance of interest rates will likely determine lumber’s path over the coming weeks...

LBN24 : 418.50s (-4.34%)
LBU24 : 480.50 (+2.89%)
ZBU24 : 120-15 (+0.16%)
CUT : 34.02 (-0.07%)
WY : 30.44 (+2.39%)
Will Natural Gas Volatility Continue?

Natural gas prices doubled from the March 2024 low. After trading at the highest price since 2008 in 2022, the energy commodity plunged, reaching a bottom at the end of the 2023/2024 peak demand season....

NGQ24 : 2.040 (-6.76%)
NFQ24 : 73.770s (-3.25%)
TGQ24 : 31.893s (-2.76%)
UNG : 13.73 (-6.02%)
Is the Gold Correction Another Buying Opportunity?

Each new high in gold over the past two and one-half decades has led to a correction. After reaching $2,435.80 in May 2024, gold’s price has declined, but the price of yellow precious metal remains above...

GCQ24 : 2,463.2 (-0.19%)
GLD : 227.25 (-0.46%)
Can Grain and Oilseeds Recover?

The leading grain and oilseed futures have significantly declined from their 2022 highs. During the heart of the 2024 growing season in the Northern Hemisphere, prices remain under pressure. The recent...

ZCN24 : 400-0s (-1.66%)
ZSN24 : 1134-4s (-0.72%)
ZWN24 : 538-0s (-2.93%)
Can Arabica Coffee Futures Eclipse the Early 2022 High?

Arabica coffee futures are comfortably above the $2 per pound level after settling below at the end of the first quarter. Coffee is trending higher, and a challenge of the February 2022 high could be on...

KCN24 : 247.35s (+0.79%)
RMN24 : 4,781s (-0.04%)

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