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Andrew Hecht

Mon, Jan 24th, 2022

Andrew Hecht

Andrew Hecht

Andrew Hecht is a commodities trader and analyst with over forty years of experience. He began his career at Philipp Brothers, the world's leading merchant physical commodities trading company, in the 1970s through the 1990s. Hecht spent two decades with Philipp Brothers working in the commodities division, Salomon Brothers division, and at Phibro Energy where he ran trading, sales, and marketing in a wide range of commodity products. He subsequently worked with banks, hedge funds, and institutions trading commodities and managing risk. The business took him around the globe to assist producers and consumers. 

Andy has taught at the university level and writes prolifically on commodities for many portals. He has been one of the top-rated and followed contributors at Seeking Alpha over the past years.

Currently Andy is a partner at Bubba Trading and continues to analyze markets, teaching traders and investors via his newsletters, articles, and seminars. 

Most Recent Stories

Can Lumber Trade At $2,000?

Few markets have been as volatile as lumber over the past years. In 2021, the price of nearby wood futures traded as high as over $1700 and as low as below $500 per 1,000 board feet. In early 2022, it...

LSH22 : 1,143.70s (-3.79%)
CLG22 : 86.90s (-0.07%)
HGH22 : 4.4225 (-2.24%)
CBH22 : 87.21 (-0.77%)
GCG22 : 1,841.7 (+0.54%)
SIH22 : 24.065 (-1.05%)
Copper Volatility Picks Up In Early 2022

If the many analysts calling for higher copper prices are correct, the price could move appreciably higher over the coming months and years. Aside from its role in infrastructure and construction, copper...

HGH22 : 4.4225 (-2.24%)
P0Y00 : 9,941.00s (-0.49%)
Will Platinum Finally Rally In 2022?

Platinum’s price action has lagged behind the gold, silver, and palladium markets over the past years. Laggards often become leaders, but in early 2022, platinum remains a precious metal that has lost...

PLJ22 : 1,027.6 (-0.72%)
GCG22 : 1,841.7 (+0.54%)
SIH22 : 24.065 (-1.05%)
PAH22 : 2,116.50 (+0.58%)
CME : 225.91 (-2.29%)
The Dollar Index Corrects- An End To the Bullish Trend or a Pause?

The dollar index moved in a bullish trend of higher lows and higher highs from January through November 2021. The price action since mid-December and in early 2022 is threatening to turn the trend in the...

$DXY : 95.97 (+0.36%)
ZBH22 : 156-03 (unch)
DXH22 : 95.950 (+0.33%)
Gold Could Surprise in 2022

Gold continues to trade around the $1800 per ounce level after a losing year in 2021. With inflation at the highest level in decades, 2022 could see gold return to the forefront with a rally to another...

GCG22 : 1,841.7 (+0.54%)
Cryptocurrencies Melt In Early 2022

On November 10, 2021, new record highs gave way to a bearish technical pattern that continues to send Bitcoin and Ethereum to lower highs and lower lows. Meanwhile, the burgeoning asset class’s correction...

$SPX : 4,397.94 (-1.89%)
$NASX : 13,768.92 (-2.72%)
$DJX : 342.65 (-1.30%)
^BTCUSD : 33,611.58 (-8.94%)
^ETHUSD : 2,226.340 (-15.06%)
The Corn-Soybean Ratio As The 2022 Crop Year Is On The Horizon

As the 2022 US planting season approaches, farmers are deciding which crops to plant on their acreage. Many choose between soybeans and corn. The corn-soybean ratio is a metric that measures the value...

ZSH22 : 1405-0 (-0.65%)
ZSX22 : 1308-0 (-0.63%)
Bond Carnage In Early 2022

The Federal Reserve determines short-term US interest rates by setting the Fund Funds rate. Long-term rates are a function of the supply and demand for debt securities. The US 30-Year Treasury bond futures...

ZBH22 : 156-03 (unch)
TLT : 143.63 (+1.19%)
Cocoa- A Sleeper In 2021

Cocoa futures did not rally along with the other soft commodities in 2021. Cocoa is different from other soft agricultural products. While consumption is ubiquitous, production comes primarily from West...

ICE : 125.64 (-0.38%)
SBH22 : 18.77 (-0.69%)
KCH22 : 233.55 (-1.83%)
OJH22 : 156.70 (-0.22%)
CTH22 : 122.21 (+1.21%)
CCH22 : 2,527 (-1.90%)
NIB : 29.92 (-2.31%)
Three Bellwether Commodities To Watch In 2022- Crude Oil, Copper, and Lumber

Lumber, copper, and crude oil are three industrial commodities that send signals about the global economy. In 2021, lumber and copper reached new record highs, while crude oil rose it its highest level...

CLG22 : 86.90s (-0.07%)
HGH22 : 4.4225 (-2.24%)
LSH22 : 1,143.70s (-3.79%)
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