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Our HTML5, Web-Based Trading Platform


Our CSV-Compatible Streaming Tool

Excel Add-In

Charts and Curves, Streaming Commodity Prices, and Historical Data

Access global exchange data, physical commodity prices and customer proprietary data to build streaming workbooks, charts and curves independent of traditional desktops applications

  • Runs independently as a stand-alone product or in parallel with cmdtyView Pro
  • Powerful text based symbol search for easier data discovery
  • Use elegant dialogs to design workbooks or individual cell referencing
  • Built in auto-update feature to ensure that you're always running the latest version
  • Search by data type, group and source
  • Intuitive drag and drop UI with built-in persistence for easier workbook management
  • Built on an open framework that is both data and customer agnostic
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Our Desktop Application Platform

Barchart Trader

Market Data and Trading Platform for Futures, Equities, and Forex

Barchart Trader is used by brokers, traders, hedgers, market analysts, back-office personnel, and other professional market participants around the world.

  • Low latency, real-time streaming market data
  • Multiple monitor functionality to grow with your needs
  • Connect your data to Excel for custom analysis
  • Customizable workspaces to suit your workflow
  • One product, one price, inclusive of mobile apps
  • Stream real-time data with our integrated trading
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Our Web-Based Grain Trading Platform

Linking Grain Producers and Buyers

Create a private community between you and your producers. Keep them engaged with your business with streaming data, advanced charts, real-time chat, and private bids.

  • Increase Engagement - Engage your producers with your brand as part of their daily workflows. By delivering them a high-performance grain information portal, fully integrated with your branding, you will always be the first option for their grain marketing
  • Keep in Touch - Stay in touch with producers through our integrated instant messaging platform. Your farmers will be more engaged and likely to sell you grain when they can communicate with your merchandisers in real-time. The possibilities to better market your business are endless with chat
  • Buy More Grain - Negotiate with sellers in real-time and affirm transaction within the platform. Accepted offers are pushed through in real-time to your grain accounting platform
  • Fully Responsive - Producers can use your branded market intelligence platform on any device with our fully responsive design. Go where they go, and stay in touch at all times
  • Farmer Data - Scale tickets, prepaids, and customer balance information coming in 2019
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Our White Label Solutions

Brand Our Software

Focus on What Drives Your Business

Let Barchart deliver an immersive experience with your brand in a White Label version of our high-performance platforms.

With these white-labeled solutions, you can focus on your core business while Barchart takes care of the technology to power it. We handle exchange licensing, vendor of record responsibilities, connectivity, availability, and all the maintenance so you don’t have to. Barchart can integrate your proprietary content across data, news, research, custom analytics, and customer information - all secured by the latest in technology.

Leverage our experience in hosting large-scale market data and trading infrastructure to save your firm time and money.

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Trading Integration

This feature utilizes CQG's market leading order routing gateway for electronic futures trading.

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