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Commodity News

Thu, Jun 24th, 2021
Natural Gas Prices Settle at 2-1/3 Year High on Smaller EIA Nat-Gas Supplies and Record Heat in the U.S. West

July Nymex natural gas (NGN21 ) on Thursday closed up +0.085 (+2.55%). July nat-gas prices on Thursday extended this week's rally up to a 2-1/3 year nearest-futures high.  Fund buying on Thursday...

NGQ21 : 3.437s (+2.54%)
Crude Prices Shake Off Early Losses and Close Higher on Energy Demand Optimism

August WTI crude oil (CLQ21 ) on Thursday closed up +0.22 (+0.30%), and August RBOB gasoline (RBQ21 ) closed up +1.01 (+0.44%). Aug crude oil and gasoline prices on Thursday shook off early losses and...

CLQ21 : 73.30s (+0.30%)
RBQ21 : 2.2800s (+0.44%)
Is ESG The Next “Decade Trade” Investors Are Overlooking Right Now?

Plenty of industries boast big potential but far more fall short of delivering for investors on a long-term timeframe. With the rise of younger investors focusing on more than just stock charts, will the...

TLRY : 18.26 (+3.69%)
CGC : 24.72 (+4.88%)
CRON : 9.03 (+4.39%)
FB : 343.18 (+0.76%)
AAPL : 133.41 (-0.22%)
AMZN : 3,449.08 (-1.56%)
NFLX : 518.06 (+1.04%)
GOOGL : 2,450.00 (+0.31%)
MSFT : 266.69 (+0.53%)
ESGV : 79.36 (+0.69%)
VSGX : 64.51 (+0.94%)
VCEB : 74.17 (+0.12%)
VEIGX : 29.82 (-0.47%)
VFTAX : 41.22 (-0.07%)
Shootin' the Bull

Since the financial crisis of '08, the United States government, with all of its resources, cranked up the printing presses and poured trillions of dollars into the economy, pumping it full of liquidity...

NY Cocoa Closes at a 7-Month Low as Abundant Global Cocoa Supplies Spark Fund Selling

September ICE NY cocoa (CCU21 ) on Thursday closed down -25 (-1.06%), and September ICE London cocoa #7 (CAU21 ) closed down -10 (-0.62%). Cocoa prices on Thursday extended Wednesday's losses, with NY...

CCU21 : 2,344s (-1.06%)
CAU21 : 1,605s (-0.62%)
Coffee Prices Settle Mixed with Robusta at a 2-Week High on Concern About Supplies from Vietnam

Sep arabica coffee (KCU21 ) on Thursday closed down -0.50 (-0.32%), and Sep ICE Robusta coffee (RMU21 ) closed up +27 (+1.66%). Coffee prices on Thursday settled mixed with robusta climbing to a 2-week...

KCU21 : 153.40s (-0.32%)
RMU21 : 1,650s (+1.66%)
^USDBRL : 4.91275 (+0.02%)
Sugar Prices Settle Higher on Strength in the Brazilian Real

July NY world sugar #11 (SBN21 ) on Thursday closed up +0.24 (+1.44%), and Aug London white sugar #5 (SWQ21 ) closed up +3.20 (+0.76%). Sugar prices on Thursday closed moderately higher, with NY sugar...

SBV21 : 17.24s (+1.35%)
SWQ21 : 426.80s (+0.76%)
^USDBRL : 4.91275 (+0.02%)
Precious Metals Close Lower on Dollar Strength and Record High Stocks

August gold (GCQ21) on Thursday closed down -6.70 (-0.38%), and July silver (SIN21) closed down -0.061 (-0.23%). Gold and silver prices on Thursday posted modest losses on a stronger dollar and a rally...

Stocks Love the Back and Forth with the Fed

S&P 500 declined, but the risk-off move looks exaggerated, of base building before another upswing flavor – just as I wrote in yesterday‘s summary. VIX is trending down again, and the option traders...

Can a Farm Bill Discriminate?

A Florida-based federal judge just blocked the Biden administration's stimulus aid plan to help “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers,” over concerns that the plan is discriminatory against...

Record Highs and Infrastructure - Midday Market Minute

Our daily video, just 2 minutes

Wheat Futures Trading Lower

Domestic wheat futures are trading in the red through midday. CBT prices are double digits weaker, with losses of 13 3/4 to 14 1/2 cents so far. KC HRW is down 7 1/2 to 12 1/4 cents. Spring wheat futures...

ZWN21 : 651-2s (-1.51%)
ZWPAES.CM : 6.2695 (-1.75%)
KEN21 : 606-0s (-0.98%)
KEPAWS.CM : 5.7933 (-0.75%)
MWN21 : 809-2s (+0.56%)
Cattle Complex in Red at Midday

Front month live cattle futures are trading mixed to mostly lower, with losses of 12 to 62 cents. Dec and Feb are 2 to 27 cents in the black for midday. USDA mentioned higher grading cattle sold for $124-$126...

LEM21 : 122.825 (+0.27%)
LEV21 : 128.275 (+0.08%)
GFQ21 : 157.150 (+0.93%)
GFU21 : 159.200 (+0.71%)
Beans Down Double Digits

Midday soybean futures are trading 13 1/2 to 16 1/2 cents in the red. Soymeal prices are 1.4% to 1.6% in the red. BO futures are firm and mixed at midday, within 18 points of UNCH.   USDA’s weekly Export...

ZSN21 : 1371-2s (-0.99%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 13.4105 (-0.89%)
ZSQ21 : 1334-0s (-0.89%)
ZSX21 : 1291-6s (-0.65%)
ZSPX21US.CM : 12.4169 (-0.53%)
Hogs In Red at Midday

Adding to the limit losses on Wednesday, lean hog futures are 7 cents to $3.92 in the red at midday. The deferred contracts are bouncing with gains of 15 to 25 cents so far. USDA’s National Average...

HEN21 : 100.025 (-4.31%)
HEV21 : 83.200 (-0.78%)
KMN21 : 107.000 (-3.86%)
Corn Trading Mixed through Midday

Front month corn futures were working lower this morning, but a bounce for midday has the board mixed. July is still down by 9 3/4 cents, but new crop prices are now into plus territory and 25 cents off...

ZCN21 : 653-2s (-1.66%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 6.3862 (-1.37%)
ZCU21 : 549-2s (-0.32%)
ZCZ21 : 536-0s (unch)
ZCPZ21US.CM : 5.1283 (+0.10%)
Cotton Giving Back Gains

Thursday cotton trading has futures 7 to 21 points in the red after gaining on Tuesday and Wednesday.  FAS reported cotton’s export sales were 74,670 RBs during the week that ended June 17. That...

CTK21 : 89.48s (+3.77%)
CTV21 : 87.53s (-0.11%)
CTZ21 : 86.73s (-0.24%)
Soybeans Futures Testing Major Support Levels

Price action over the next few days can provide clues to whether this market is entering a second buy phase or traders need to look for signs to sell rallies....

Natural Gas Prices Surge to a 2-1/3 Year High on Smaller EIA Nat-Gas Supplies and Record Heat in the U.S. West

July Nymex natural gas (NGN21 ) this morning is up +0.049 (+1.47%). July nat-gas prices this morning extended this week's rally up to a 2-1/3 year nearest-futures high.  Fund buying today propelled...

NGQ21 : 3.437s (+2.54%)
Nemenoff Report 06/24/2021

Financials: As of this writing (7:00am) Sept. Bonds are 4 higher overnight at 159’29 and up 1’21 for the week.10 Year Notes are up 1 overnight and 16 higher for the week at 132’07. 5 year Notes are...

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