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Barchart Exclusives

Thu, Jun 24th, 2021
Can a Farm Bill Discriminate?

A Florida-based federal judge just blocked the Biden administration's stimulus aid plan to help “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers,” over concerns that the plan is discriminatory against...

Cash Grains: A Long-term View of Intrinsic Value

The commodity sector in general has long been viewed as a volatile, short-term trading arena with more similarity to a casino environment than long-term investment opportunity.  However, the development...

ZCPAUS.CM : 6.3862 (-1.37%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 13.4105 (-0.89%)
KEPAUS.CM : 5.8631 (-0.81%)
Barchart- The Dollar Index Explodes Higher- No Technical Breakout Yet

The trend in the dollar index since March 2020 has been bearish, but since 2008, the index has made higher lows and higher highs. In the aftermath of the June FOMC meeting, the index recovered and moved...

DXU21 : 91.795s (+0.01%)
Goldman Says Buy This Stock Now

Goldman Sachs added the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to it's Conviction Buy list. This list contains the bank's top ideas for investors

GS : 368.75 (+2.13%)
ICE : 118.09 (+1.24%)
CME : 216.98 (+1.03%)
New All-Time Highs In May Lead To Price Carnage In June

The three commodity futures markets that reached record highs in May turned south in June. The corrections began before the Fed set the stage for a shift in monetary policy, but the prospects for rising...

LSN21 : 842.30s (-4.75%)
HGN21 : 4.3110s (-0.45%)
PAU21 : 2,643.90s (+0.51%)
Corn Basis: A Swift Kick in the Pants

The cmdty National Corn Basis Index was hit hard Tuesday.  There are a number of possible reasons for the dramatic weakening, including the realization USDA is overestimating US corn stocks. ...

Energy Demand Soars As The Pandemic Fades In The Rearview Mirror - This Week In Renewables

This week, some biofuel inputs fall while traditional energy commodities rise. Traders are staffing up for the renewable revolution, and lots more...

ZSN21 : 1371-2s (-0.99%)
ZCN21 : 653-2s (-1.66%)
SBN21 : 16.93s (+1.44%)
CLN21 : 73.06s (-0.81%)
NGN21 : 3.418s (+2.55%)
Corn Basis: Wh(e)at's in the Feed Bunk?

Recent weeks have seen national average corn basis weakening, despite continued solid weekly export shipment numbers.  Meanwhile, national average HRW wheat basis has been strengthening despite harvest...

ZCBAUS.CM : -0.1463 (+12.60%)
KEBAUS.CM : -0.1968 (+5.75%)
Silver Declines But Remains Above Technical Support

The silver price slipped in the aftermath of the June FOMC meeting. However, the precious metal remains well above the critical support level at the July 2016 peak, which was the breakout level in 2020....

SIN21 : 26.050s (-0.23%)
Problems with Shipping - This Week in Ag

All of the big agricluture stories you need to know this week

ZCZ21 : 536-0s (unch)
ZSX21 : 1291-6s (-0.65%)
ZWU21 : 652-0s (-1.77%)
KEU21 : 614-4s (-1.01%)
LEQ21 : 122.625s (-0.20%)
HEQ21 : 98.700s (-2.01%)
CNHI : 16.54 (+2.48%)
RAVN : 57.77 (-0.50%)
JBSAY : 11.9400 (+3.29%)
TSN : 74.28 (+0.61%)
The Bullish Pattern In Natural Gas Continues

At the end of June 2020, natural gas fell to the lowest price of this century when it reached a twenty-five-year low. In June 2021, the price action has been bullish.

NGN21 : 3.418s (+2.55%)
Lumber Prices See Record Drop Following Historic Highs

Lumber futures saw an 18% drop last week, its biggest drop in history.  With prices currently under $1,000 per thousand board feet, prices are down almost 41% since its record high in May. Even with...

LSU21 : 837.00s (-4.78%)
Stock Market Today: Dow Jones Dives, Fed Official Signals Interest Rate Increase Next Year, Adobe Beats Earnings

U.S. stocks fell on Friday putting the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($DOWI ) on pace to post its worst week since January.  The Dow fell more than 500 points in late morning trading Friday. The S&P...

$DOWI : 34,196.82 (+0.95%)
$NASX : 14,369.71 (+0.69%)
ADBE : 578.26 (+0.70%)
ACN : 291.56 (+2.05%)
The Fed and Fundamentals

It has been an incredible week across the commodity sector, with much of the activity tied to the recently concluded Federal Open Market Committee meeting.  Though interest rates were left unchanged,...

Gold Struggled At The $1900 Level

Gold failed at the $1900 level and dropped like a stone after the June FOMC meeting, but the prospects for higher prices remain compelling. Gold is a currency and a commodity with a bull market that has...

GCQ21 : 1,776.7s (-0.38%)
GDX : 34.44 (+0.32%)
GDXJ : 47.87 (+0.63%)
NUGT : 59.53 (+0.30%)
JNUG : 85.68 (+1.31%)
Meats In The Heart Of The 2021 Grilling Season

Lean hog futures had been outperforming cattle, making beef futures inexpensive compared to pork futures. Over the past week, cattle have rebounded, and hogs have retreated from the highest price since...

LEQ21 : 122.625s (-0.20%)
GFQ21 : 157.150s (+0.93%)
HEQ21 : 98.700s (-2.01%)
Hard Red Cash Wheat Spread: Protein Powered

The protein market is a key component of the various wheat markets.  Spring wheat historically has higher protein levels, so when production is threatened the market cranks into high gear as millers...

MWPAUS.CM : 7.5775 (+0.76%)
KEPAUS.CM : 5.8631 (-0.81%)
Focus On Rare Earth Metals- This Week In Metals

This week, we take a look at the events in the rare earth metals markets, the commodities of tomorrow.

P0Y00 : 9,482.50s (+1.95%)
P4Y00 : 2,439.50s (+0.60%)
WASDE Selling In Grains And Oilseed Futures- The Weather Is Critical For The Coming Months

The monthly WASDE report came out last week, and grain and oilseed futures prices declined in the wake of the report. The most significant factor for the coming weeks and months is the weather conditions...

ZSN21 : 1371-2s (-0.99%)
ZCN21 : 653-2s (-1.66%)
ZWN21 : 651-2s (-1.51%)
Fresh Foods Online - This Week in Food&Bev

All of the headlines in Food&Bev this week

BZY00 : 553.18 (-0.05%)
BVY00 : 605.86 (+0.34%)
BWY00 : 484.69 (-0.60%)
BXY00 : 635.41 (-0.15%)
BYY00 : 671.80 (-0.74%)
TSN : 74.28 (+0.61%)
JBSAY : 11.9400 (+3.29%)
GIS : 59.15 (-0.10%)

Chart of the Day

Steel Partners Hlds (SPLP)

The Barchart Chart of the Day  belongs to an underfollowed industrial conglomerate Steel Partners (NASDAQ: SLP ).   I sorted Barchart's All Time High list first by the highest Weighted Alpha, then used the Flipchart function to review the charts for consistent price appreciation. Since the Trend Spotter signaled a buy on 3/9 the...
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