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Thu, Sep 23rd, 2021
Platinum- The Not So Precious Metal That Loves To Disappoint

This week, platinum probed below the $900 per ounce level for the first time in 2021. While platinum is the precious metal that offers the most compelling value proposition, the price action remains bearish...

PLV21 : 997.0s (-0.41%)
PPLT : 92.70 (-0.11%)
Worsening Chip Woes to Curb Auto Production

The global semiconductor shortage shows no signs of easing and will further reduce the amount of vehicles automakers can produce. According to data from AlixPartners, global automakers will build 7.7...

Palladium- A Shooting Star Became a Falling Knife

Gravity hit the palladium market like a ton of bricks over the past weeks, with the price falling below technical support levels as a hot knife goes through butter. Palladium is falling as a semiconductor...

PAZ21 : 1,971.80s (-3.16%)
GCZ21 : 1,749.8s (-1.63%)
PLV21 : 997.0s (-0.41%)
SIZ21 : 22.679s (-1.00%)
GM : 51.92 (+2.24%)
PALL : 185.77 (-1.59%)
FOMC at Today’s Meeting May Warn That QE Tapering Is Approaching

The markets are on guard for the possibility that the FOMC at its 2-day meeting that ends today will add warning language to its post-meeting statement that constitutes the advance warning about QE tapering...

Cryptocurrencies Sink in Reaction to Evergrande Group’s Debt Crisis

Bitcoin (^BTCUSD ) is down more than -2% today at a 1-1/2 month low, adding to Monday’s -8% plunge. Also, Ethereum (^ETHUSD ) is down more than -1% today on top of Monday’s -10% plunge to a 6-week...

^BTCUSD : 44,633.48 (-0.20%)
^ETHUSD : 3,137.7305 (-0.12%)
S&P 500: Seasonals, Swans, and Swallows

Immediately after I posted my previous discussion on S&P 500 seasonality, US stock markets collapsed. Was this seasonal or something else?

The Proposed US Budget And Renewables - This Week In Renewables

$3.5 trillion is a massive budget, and it contains lots of money for a greener path for energy production and consumption in the US. This week, we look at all the action surrounding the legislation and...

BP : 26.16 (+1.99%)
Market Movements Within the Food Industry

On episode 10 of The Food Biz, hosts Kristyn Tarpey and Ryan Nelson are joined by Darin Newsom, a seasoned market analyst, commentator, and Founder of Darin Newsom Analysis. The three discuss some of the...

ZSX21 : 1284-2s (+0.12%)
LSX21 : 638.80s (+1.88%)
HGZ21 : 4.2310s (-0.49%)
ZCZ21 : 529-2s (+0.71%)
GCZ21 : 1,749.8s (-1.63%)
CLX21 : 73.30s (+1.48%)
The Stock Market Today - Dow and S&P 500 Tumble

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 fell in today’s stock market as investors assessed the threat of a possible default by Chinese real estate conglomerate Evergrande. Evergrande owes more...

$DOWI : 34,764.82 (+1.48%)
^BTCUSD : 44,633.48 (-0.20%)
AAPL : 146.83 (+0.67%)
MSFT : 299.56 (+0.33%)
TSLA : 753.64 (+0.23%)
FDX : 228.92 (-0.07%)
ADBE : 630.84 (+0.76%)
SFIX : 41.28 (+0.66%)
Meats Experience Seasonal Weakness After A Bullish WASDE report

It is the offseason for animal protein demand, and prices have been moving lower over the past weeks. Meanwhile, the latest WASDE report was not bearish for beef and pork prices.

ZCZ21 : 529-2s (+0.71%)
ZSX21 : 1284-2s (+0.12%)
LEV21 : 123.225s (-0.04%)
GFV21 : 156.850s (-0.52%)
HEV21 : 84.750s (+1.07%)
CME : 193.48 (+2.19%)
COW : 36.40 (+1.18%)

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