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U.S. Dollar Index ($DXY)
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U.S. Dollar Index Futures Market News and Commentary

Dollar Falls and Gold Soars to Record High on Dovish Fed Comments

The dollar index (DXY00) on Friday fell by -0.23%.  On Friday, the dollar relinquished early gains and posted moderate losses on weak U.S. economic news and dovish Fed-speak.  The Nov U.S. ISM manufacturing index contracted more than expected, a dovish factor for Fed policy.  Losses in the dollar accelerated after Fed Chair Powell and Chicago Fed President Goolsbee signaled their support for the Fed to leave interest rates steady at the upcoming Dec 12-13 FOMC meeting.

Friday’s U.S. economic news was mixed for the dollar.  On the bearish side, the Nov ISM manufacturing index was unchanged at 46.7, weaker than expectations of an increase to 47.8 and the 13th consecutive month of contraction in manufacturing activity.  Conversely, Oct construction spending rose +0.6% m/m, stronger than expectations of +0.3% m/m.

Dovish Fed comments on Friday weighed on the dollar.  Fed Chair Powell signaled the Fed will leave interest rates steady at the Dec 12-13 FOMC meeting when he said... Read more

Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
102.46 +0.71%
on 11/29/23
106.51 -3.12%
on 11/02/23
-3.28 (-3.08%)
since 11/01/23
102.46 +0.71%
on 11/29/23
107.34 -3.87%
on 10/03/23
-1.07 (-1.03%)
since 09/01/23
99.57 +3.64%
on 07/14/23
107.34 -3.87%
on 10/03/23
-1.54 (-1.47%)
since 12/01/22

Most Recent Stories

More News
The Dollar Index Recovers- Will it Continue to Rally?

The bearish trend in the U.S. dollar index took it from a twenty-year high in September 2022 to below the 100 level in July 2023. After probing under the psychological level, the index has recovered as...

ZBZ23 : 118-05s (+1.48%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
UUP : 29.20 (-0.31%)
UDN : 19.03 (+0.42%)
For US Stock Indexes, is it 1987 All Over Again?

Chaos Theory tells us that one difference changes the outcome. As we compare 2023 US stock markets back to 1987, is there something telling us the situation is different?

$INX : 4,594.63 (+0.59%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
GCY00 : 2,071.72 (+1.74%)
Does the Selloff in Gold Mark the End of the Bull Market for the Precious Metal?

Gold made an ominous bearish technical pattern when it made a double-top, reaching $2,072 per ounce in March 2022 and May 2023. Since the latest peak, the price action turned bearish, with the precious...

GCZ23 : 2,071.0s (+1.61%)
ZBZ23 : 118-05s (+1.48%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
Is What the Fed Said a Surprise?

While some like to say they were surprised by what the US Fed did and said, the reality is there has been plenty of time to plan ahead based on previous comments.

$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
^EURUSD : 1.08810 (-0.08%)
Is the Euro and FXE Destined to Decline?

The euro is the world’s second leading reserve currency behind the U.S. dollar. The euro is the pan-European currency that changed the foreign exchange market at the turn of this century. The euro fell...

FXE : 100.36 (-0.26%)
^EURUSD : 1.08810 (-0.08%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
Is Trading the Silver Range the Optimal Approach?

Silver futures have looked like they will explode higher on rallies, but corrections make them appear to fall into a bearish abyss. Over the past six months, selling silver when it looks the best and buying...

SIZ23 : 25.499s (+0.81%)
ZBZ23 : 118-05s (+1.48%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
SIL : 28.33 (+2.24%)
SILJ : 10.08 (+2.96%)
Why the Recent Sell-Off in Commodities is a Golden Buying Opportunity

High interest rates typically weigh on commodity prices as they increase the cost of carrying raw material inventories and increase production expenses. However, nothing is ordinary about the current historical...

GCZ23 : 2,071.0s (+1.61%)
CLV23 : 90.28s (-1.01%)
HGU23 : 3.6270s (+0.06%)
LBU23 : 491.00s (-0.91%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
Dollar Index ( DXY ) Elliott Wave Zig Zag Pattern Forecasting The Path

Hello fellow traders.  In this technical blog we’re going to take a quick look at the Elliott Wave charts of Dollar Index.  As our members know, ($DXY) has recently given us correction against the...

$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
Will the US Fed Turn Stock Market Bulls into Steers?

US stock markets have been in long-term uptrends since the end of last October. I don't see Wednesday's Federal Reserve announcement changing that fact.

$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
ZNU23 : 109-060s (unch)
ZBU23 : 119-07s (unch)
What Did We Learn about Wheat, Soybeans, and Corn Markets this Week?

It was a wild week, to say the least, while the three main grain markets reminded us of lessons learned over the years.

$DOWI : 36,245.50 (+0.82%)
$DXY : 103.19 (-0.26%)
OJU23 : 343.45s (-1.76%)
ZWU23 : 567-4s (-0.26%)
ZSQ23 : 1391-0s (-0.73%)
ZCU23 : 462-4s (-0.32%)

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 24% Sell with a Weakening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 104.18
2nd Resistance Point 103.95
1st Resistance Point 103.57
Last Price 103.19
1st Support Level 102.96
2nd Support Level 102.73
3rd Support Level 102.35

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52-Week High 107.34
Fibonacci 61.8% 104.37
Fibonacci 50% 103.46
Last Price 103.19
Fibonacci 38.2% 102.54
52-Week Low 99.57

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