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BEL 20 Apr '20 (BEJ20)

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Contract Specifications

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BEL20 Index
Contract Size
EUR 10 times Index
Tick Size
0.1 points (EUR 1.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
9:00a.m. - 5:35p.m. (Brussels)
Point Value
EUR 10
Expiration Date
04/17/20 (10 days)

Seasonal Chart

BEL 20 Apr '20
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Apr Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
2,526.50 +17.53%
on 03/17/20
3,172.50 -6.40%
on 03/09/20
-463.00 (-13.49%)
since 03/06/20

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Key Turning Points

2nd Resistance Point 2,969.50
1st Resistance Point 2,969.50
Last Price 2,969.50s
1st Support Level 2,969.50
2nd Support Level 2,969.50

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52-Week High 4,194.50
Fibonacci 61.8% 3,557.32
Fibonacci 50% 3,360.50
Fibonacci 38.2% 3,163.68
Last Price 2,969.50s
52-Week Low 2,526.50

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