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ULSD NY Harbor Jul '20 (HON20)

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Contract Specifications

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New York Harbor ULSD
Contract Size
42,000 gallons
Tick Size
$0.0001 (0.01 cent) per gallon ($4.20 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (RTH 8:00a.m. - 1:30p.m.) (Settles 1:30p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
Expiration Date
06/30/20 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

ULSD NY Harbor Jul '20
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Jul Contracts

Commitment of Traders Positions as of Aug 4, 2020

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Commercials - Long / Short
179,529 (-8,296)
206,112 (+335)
Non-Commercials - Long / Short
49,718 (+2,096)
34,247 (-2,689)
Producers - Long / Short
84,131 (-5,674)
189,397 (+4,263)
Swap Dealers - Long / Short
79,618 (+671)
935 (-635)
Managed Money - Long / Short
26,716 (-978)
29,009 (-2,401)
Other Reportables - Long / Short
23,002 (+3,074)
5,238 (-288)
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
1.0084 +16.83%
on 06/01/20
1.2425 -5.18%
on 06/23/20
+0.1415 (+13.65%)
since 05/29/20
0.7439 +58.37%
on 04/28/20
1.2425 -5.18%
on 06/23/20
+0.1263 (+12.01%)
since 03/30/20
0.7439 +58.37%
on 04/28/20
2.0700 -43.09%
on 01/08/20
-0.7398 (-38.57%)
since 06/28/19

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