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Sun, Dec 10th, 2023

Jim Roemer

Jim Roemer

Jim Roemer owns the site offering free (and subscription based) weather related blogs for commodity traders, institutional hedgers, farmers and small investors.

He is a featured guest on Bloomberg TV/radio, a contributor to Seeking Alpha and is co-founder of Climate Predict, LLC, the most detailed, long- range global weather forecast model in the commodity industry. He was one of the first meteorologists to become registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor. Mr. Roemer has worked with major hedge funds, Midwest farmers and traders for over 30 years. His unique ability to forecast both short and longer range weather trends, with a special emphasis in interpreting market psychology and major market moves in grains, softs and the energy markets, has made him a global industry leader in commodities.

Most Recent Stories

El Niño, winter weather forecasting techniques, and the collapse in natural gas prices

In this video, watch and listen to Jim Roemer's proposition that the coming winter will likely be a warm one... weak polar vortex included (check it out!)

NGF24 : 2.581s (-0.15%)
UNG : 5.02 (-0.99%)
BOIL : 29.83 (-1.19%)
KOLD : 96.84 (+1.37%)
How climate change, combined with El Niño, is creating global weather extremes for commodities

In this compelling 5 minute video, Jim shows us the flow of how the oceans drive the weather "in every which way" for many crops

How historic flooding and droughts are affecting everything from cocoa to soybeans.

Jim's video covers southern Brazil's soybean areas hit by unprecedented floods, northern Brazil's drought, plus the weather impacting West African cocoa and European sugar.

ZSH24 : 1323-0s (-0.55%)
SOYB : 27.63 (-0.32%)
KCH24 : 177.15s (-0.20%)
SBH24 : 23.36s (+1.43%)
CCH24 : 4,271s (+1.69%)
How Brazil's weather concerns are impacting soybeans, coffee and sugar

Jim Roemer emphasizes how the weather in Brazil is in the driver's seat when it comes to Soybeans, Coffee, and Sugar markets.

What is a negative EPO? & Why a major weather pattern change will bring cold and snow.

Jim's video highlights how and why teleconnections suggest colder risks for some key energy heating demand areas heading into early December.

The MJO (Madden-Julian Oscillation Index): Along with El Niño, it affects natural gas, soybeans, and cocoa

Jim Roemer's video de-mystifies the MJO.

From Wine to Wheat: Global Weather Worries for Many Commodities

Jim zooms in on weather's impact affecting certain crops

Developing trading strategies in natural gas based on a warm early winter

Jim Roemer shows us NASA's video that highlights the Arctic ice melting

KOLD : 96.84 (+1.37%)
NGZ23 : 2.706s (-3.15%)
NFZ23 : 102.340s (-5.83%)
TGZ23 : 40.360s (unch)
Growing Problems for South American Soybeans and Soft Commodities

In Jim Roemer's video, he shares his view from the Weather Situation Room

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