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Crude Oil WTI Mini Jul '24 (QMN24)

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Crude Oil WTI Mini Futures Market News and Commentary

Crude Closes Higher on Dollar Weakness and Reduced US Crude Output

August WTI crude oil (CLQ24) on Monday closed up +0.90 (+1.11%), and Aug RBOB gasoline (RBQ24) closed down -0.16 (-0.06%).

Crude oil and gasoline Monday settled mixed.  Monday's weaker dollar was bullish for energy prices.  Crude also has carryover support from last Friday when Baker Hughes reported that active US oil rigs in the week ending June 21 fell to a 2-1/3 year low, a sign of reduced US crude output in the near term.  In addition, signs of strength in US fuel demand support prices after last Thursday's weekly EIA report that showed US gasoline demand rose to a 7-month high.

Crude oil prices have underlying support from concern about the Hamas-Israel conflict.  Israel's military is conducting military operations in the southern Gaza city of Rafah despite opposition from the Biden administration.  There is also concern that the war might spread to Hezbollah in Lebanon or even to a direct conflict with Iran.  Meanwhile, ongoing attacks on commercial shipping in the... Read more

Contract Specifications

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E-Mini Crude Oil WTI
Contract Size
500 U.S. barrels (21,000 gallons)
Tick Size
2.5 cents per barrel ($12.50 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (Settles 1:30p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
Expiration Date
06/19/24 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

Crude Oil WTI Mini Jul '24
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Jul Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
72.475 +12.55%
on 06/04/24
81.650 -0.10%
on 06/18/24
+1.990 (+2.50%)
since 05/17/24
72.475 +12.55%
on 06/04/24
86.125 -5.29%
on 04/12/24
+0.610 (+0.75%)
since 03/18/24
66.920 +21.89%
on 06/27/23
86.125 -5.29%
on 04/12/24
+12.410 (+17.94%)
since 06/16/23

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NGN24 : 2.770 (-1.46%)
WMB : 43.11 (-0.06%)
XLE : 91.10 (-0.20%)
BLK : 791.96 (-0.87%)
STT : 72.29 (-0.89%)
Crude Closes Higher on Dollar Weakness and Reduced US Crude Output

August WTI crude oil (CLQ24 ) on Monday closed up +0.90 (+1.11%), and Aug RBOB gasoline (RBQ24 ) closed down -0.16 (-0.06%). Crude oil and gasoline Monday settled mixed. Monday's weaker dollar was bullish...

CLQ24 : 81.59 (-0.05%)
RBQ24 : 2.5135 (+0.74%)
Nat-Gas Prices Recover on Forecasts for Hot US Temps

July Nymex natural gas (NGN24 ) on Monday closed up by +0.106 (+3.92%). July nat-gas prices Monday recovered from a 2-1/2 week low and settled moderately higher on forecasts for above-normal temperatures...

NGQ24 : 2.875 (-2.48%)
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OXY : 62.93 (-0.51%)
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CVX : 158.91 (-0.25%)
Crude Gains on Dollar Weakness and the Outlook for Reduced US Crude Output

August WTI crude oil (CLQ24 ) today is up +0.83 (+1.03%), and Aug RBOB gasoline (RBQ24 ) is up +0.78 (+0.31%). Crude oil and gasoline today are moderately higher. Today's weaker dollar is bullish for...

CLQ24 : 81.59 (-0.05%)
RBQ24 : 2.5135 (+0.74%)
European Commodities: ICE Unleaded Gasoline Blendstock Tests a Key Technical Level

Zinc and lead rallied on the week, while cocoa and natural gas cooled off.

LGU24 : 2.4814 (+0.72%)
Q3Y00 : 2,787.91s (+0.04%)
R0M25 : 2,229.93s (+0.10%)
CAU24 : 6,512 (-1.59%)
NFN24 : 80.830 (+1.43%)
Summer kicks off with a hot bang - TV interview with Jim Roemer

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Heating Oil and Palladium are at its lowest hedge fund position level over the past 52 week. Gold is currently at its highest level.

The Commitment of Traders (COT) report, issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), offers a weekly snapshot of the positions taken by different market participants in the U.S. futures markets....

Crude Finishes Lower on Dollar Strength

August WTI crude oil (CLQ24 ) on Friday closed down -0.56 (-0.69%), and Aug RBOB gasoline (RBQ24 ) closed up +1.15 (+0.46%). Crude oil and gasoline prices settled mixed on Friday, with gasoline posting...

CLQ24 : 81.59 (-0.05%)
RBQ24 : 2.5135 (+0.74%)
DXY00 : 105.733 (+0.25%)
Nat-Gas Prices Fall Moderately as Weekly EIA Inventories Climb Above Consensus

July Nymex natural gas (NGN24 ) on Friday closed down by -0.036 (-1.31%). July nat-gas prices Friday dropped to a 2-week low and finished moderately lower as weekly nat-gas supplies rose more than expected....

NGQ24 : 2.875 (-2.48%)

Barchart Trading Guide

The Barchart Trading Guide is a Buy Signal with a Average Signal Strength.

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 84.063
2nd Resistance Point 82.857
1st Resistance Point 82.213
Last Price 81.570s
1st Support Level 80.363
2nd Support Level 79.157
3rd Support Level 78.513

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52-Week High 86.125
Last Price 81.570s
Fibonacci 61.8% 78.789
Fibonacci 50% 76.522
Fibonacci 38.2% 74.256
52-Week Low 66.920

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