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Related Symbols

Symbol Last Chg %Chg
ZSX24 1149-6s -10-4 -0.90%
ZSPAUS.CM 11.2403 -0.0935 -0.82%
US Soybean Price Idx
ZSBAUS.CM -0.5571 +0.0041 +0.73%
US Soybean Basis Idx
ZSDAUS-BIW.CM 4,506,573 unch unch
US Soybean Production Forecast
ZSYAUS-BIW.CM 52.03 unch unch
US Soybean Yield Forecast
XSU24 3,975s -19 -0.48%
DCE No.2 Soybean
XTU24 4,554s -22 -0.48%
DCE No.1 Soybean
ZCN24 450-0s -8-4 -1.85%
ZCPAUS.CM 4.3353 -0.0857 -1.94%
US Corn Price Idx
ZCBAUS.CM -0.1647 -0.0008 -0.49%
US Corn Basis Idx
XVU24 2,487s +1 +0.04%
DCE Corn
XEU24 61.35s -1.16 -1.86%
BMF Cash Corn
FLN24 1.92000s -0.02000 -1.03%
Ethanol Chicago
ZCDAUS-BIW.CM 15,671,136 unch unch
US Corn Production Forecast
ZCYAUS-BIW.CM 183.74 unch unch
US Corn Yield Forecast
XBX24 211.00s -1.50 -0.71%
ZWBAUS.CM -0.4964 +0.0057 +1.14%
US Soft Red Winter Wheat Basis Idx
MWBAUS.CM -0.6781 +0.0060 +0.88%
US Spring Wheat Basis Idx
MWU24 666-0s -10-6 -1.59%
Spring Wheat
ZWN24 612-6s -7-2 -1.17%
MLZ24 244.75s -1.25 -0.51%
Milling Wheat
ZRU24 15.695s +0.150 +0.96%
Rough Rice
Y2N24 2,662s unch unch
CZCE Japonica Rice
FQN24 2.4706s -0.0162 -0.65%
ULSD NY Harbor Micro
ZOZ24 344-2s -1-6 -0.51%
SBV24 19.49s -0.15 -0.76%
Sugar #11
KAN24 0.1943s -0.0016 -0.82%
CME Sugar #11
SDH25 38.01s +1.00 +2.70%
Sugar #16
SWQ24 562.10s -5.30 -0.93%
White Sugar #5
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