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Ethereum - USD (^ETHUSD)

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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
2,974.0986 +0.24%
on 09/20/21
4,024.1125 -25.92%
on 09/03/21
-278.3762 (-8.54%)
since 08/20/21
1,709.6898 +74.37%
on 06/22/21
4,024.1125 -25.92%
on 09/03/21
+787.4868 (+35.90%)
since 06/18/21
315.3603 +845.31%
on 09/23/20
4,370.7671 -31.79%
on 05/12/21
+2,601.2036 (+684.63%)
since 09/18/20

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TA: Ethereum Plunges to $3,150: Can Bulls Save the Day?

Ethereum started another decline below the $3,400 support zone against the US Dollar. ETH price must stay above $3,150 to avoid more losses in the near term. Ethereum started a fresh decline from the $3,500...

^ETHBTC : 0.068942 (-4.11%)
^ETHUSD : 2,962.9414 (-12.30%)
^ETHUSDT : 2,955.4734 (-12.58%)
ERU21 : 2,982.25 (-12.95%)
ETHE : 33.0800 (-4.12%)
TA: Bitcoin Close Below $46K Could Spark Larger Degree Decline

Bitcoin price failed once again to clear the $48,500 resistance zone against the US Dollar. BTC is declining and it could even decline below the $46,200 support zone. Bitcoin started a fresh decline after...

^BTCUSD : 42,920.80 (-8.68%)
^BTCUSDT : 43,493.35 (-7.32%)
BAU21 : 42,955 (-9.55%)
BTU21 : 42,940 (-9.58%)
GBTC : 37.7000 (-0.79%)
Crypto Market Forecast: Week of September 20th 2021

A curated weekly summary of forward-focused crypto news that matters. This week, Bitcoin outperforms most large cap altcoins, Coinbase announces a bumper bond sale to raise new funds, and PayPal launches...

Skybridge Capital Applies For Cryptocurrency ETF And Accumulates $100 Million For ALGO Fund

A statement from Anthony Scaramucci has revealed the total crypto worth of an Alternative investment firm in Australia’s SkyBridge Capital. He stated that SkyBridge holds crypto worth $700 million presently....

Recent Analysis Compares Waste From One Bitcoin Transaction To Throwing Out Two iPhones

There have been many studies that have highlighted the carbon footprint and electricity usage problems of Bitcoin transactions. Founder of Digiconomist Alex de Vries and researcher at MIT’s Center for...

^BTCUSD : 42,920.80 (-8.68%)
BAU21 : 42,955 (-9.55%)
BTU21 : 42,940 (-9.58%)
GBTC : 37.7000 (-0.79%)
Smart Contracts Running on Bitcoin? Internet Computer Founder Explains How It’s Possible

Upon its launch, Internet Computer took the crypto market by storm. It’s an ambitious project, supported by some major names in the industry. Designed and created by the DFINITY Foundation, it aims to...

Ethereum (ETHUSD) Retesting 61.8% Fib Retrace of May-Jul Fall

Ethereum (ETHUSD) spent the past week consolidating again near the 61.8% Fib retrace of the May-Jul Fall.  Significantly, the ETHUSD remains vulnerable to falling further this week as part of a healthy...

^ETHUSD : 2,962.9414 (-12.30%)
^ETHUSDT : 2,955.4734 (-12.58%)
ETHE : 33.0800 (-4.12%)
ERN21 : 2,344.28s (+1.33%)
ETCG : 33.2375 (+0.11%)
After Targeting BlockFi, State Regulators Now Set Their Eyes On Celsius

Earlier this year, crypto lending platform BlockFi started facing the heat from state regulators in New Jersey, Texas, and Alabama. Other states have joined the fold since then, as well. Celsius this week...

Just 10 Days After El Salvador’s “Bitcoin Day”, President Bukele Confirms 1.1 Million Citizens Have Chivo Wallet

El Salvador has now marked its 10th day of bitcoin being legal tender in the country. This is a huge milestone that could not have been predicted to happen this soon. But as with bitcoin, everything is...

^BTCUSD : 42,920.80 (-8.68%)
BAU21 : 42,955 (-9.55%)
BTU21 : 42,940 (-9.58%)
GBTC : 37.7000 (-0.79%)
Why Projects Are Switching to the Binance Smart Chain

Despite the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain, several developers believe the blockchain network is slowly becoming outdated as more and more projects shift their bases to alternative blockchain networks....

Ethereum Profile


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. In the Ethereum protocol and blockchain there is a price for each operation. The general idea is, in order to have things transferred or executed by the network, you have to consume or burn Gas. The cryptocurrency is called Ether and is used to pay for computation time and for transaction fees.

Website Ethereum
Twitter @ethereumproject
Inception 07/30/15
Algorithm Ethash
Proof Type PoW
Available Supply 116,945,422
Total Supply 117,601,019

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 80% Buy with a Weakening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 3,749.9709
2nd Resistance Point 3,671.2322
1st Resistance Point 3,524.2910
Last Price 2,982.8977
1st Support Level 3,298.6111
2nd Support Level 3,219.8723
3rd Support Level 3,072.9312

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52-Week High 4,370.7671
Last Price 2,982.8977
Fibonacci 61.8% 2,821.6016
Fibonacci 50% 2,343.0637
Fibonacci 38.2% 1,864.5256
52-Week Low 315.3603

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