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Thu, May 23rd, 2024

Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin has been trading his own accounts in options, equities, futures, forex & cryptocurrencies for more than 27 years. He was influential in the creation of one of the largest trading schools in the world, where he taught retail traders as well as institutional market participants. Merlin also created the first live trading lab at a university in Italy. Currently he hosts the live, free, daily trading and investing show on YouTube called TraderMerlin.

Most Recent Stories

Is Now the Time to Buy Walmart?

As most retailers are posting earnings surprises, Walmart spoiled the party with inline earnings with a gloomy outlook going forward. Is this just an attempt to lower the earnings bar going forward? Is...

HD : 326.89 (-1.12%)
TJX : 100.16 (-0.95%)
TGT : 144.41 (+0.80%)
GPS : 20.86 (+1.51%)
M : 20.06 (-0.30%)
ROST : 131.86 (+0.27%)
WMT : 64.84 (-0.63%)
Overhead Supply: The Looming Shadow Over Stock Market Indexes

November is off to an epic start with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 yet to have a down day. In spite of all that strength, the broad market indexes have all run right into overhead supply zones which increase...

The Squeeze on Orange Juice Futures: Say Goodbye to Bottomless Mimosas!

With orange juice prices surging to all time highs, the once beloved vitamin C staple, and brunch favorite bottomless mimosas may now become a luxury!

The Charts Say Markets Are Going Lower From Here!

After more than a decade of long-term uptrends, recent price actions in the S&P 500 suggests that market sentiment has shifted from bullish to bearish, with potential for further declines.

$SPX : 5,267.84 (-0.74%)
What’s Worse Than the Dot Com Crash? The Bond Market!

Remember the dot com disaster and the 2008 financial meltdown? Brace yourself, there's a new player in town. The bond market's spiraling due to central bank maneuvers, and the storm might just be starting....

BND : 71.59 (-0.29%)
AGG : 96.47 (-0.28%)
VCIT : 79.40 (-0.34%)
TLT : 91.11 (-0.64%)
Navigating the Stock Market Amidst International Conflict: Opportunities in Chaos

When international tensions flare up, the ripple effects are felt far and wide in the stock market—even in nations sitting on the sidelines of the conflict. These geopolitical disturbances require us...

LMT : 467.08 (-0.56%)
RTX : 105.41 (-0.85%)
NOC : 467.21 (-1.58%)
GD : 296.52 (-0.50%)
GLD : 215.72 (-1.99%)
SLV : 27.55 (-2.37%)
S6Z23 : 1.15110s (+0.14%)
JYZ23 : 0.0069940s (-0.57%)
Is Sector Rotation Pointing to Utility Stocks?

As economies fluctuate, money flows from one market segment to another with a good degree of predictability. Do the historical sector rotation models currently point to more money coming into the utilities...

AQN : 6.50 (-1.66%)
NFE : 25.25 (-4.39%)
KEN : 23.82 (-0.08%)
$SPX : 5,267.84 (-0.74%)
XLU : 70.79 (-1.69%)
What Is the Probability of Shiba Inu Reaching $1?

Many experts and influencers forecasting that Shiba Inu will reach $1. Let's take a look at the facts and see what the odds are of that happening

^DOGEUSD : 0.158804 (+1.30%)
^SHIBUSD : 0.0000245 (+1.24%)
AAPL : 186.88 (-2.11%)
GameStop: Boom or Bust?

With share prices down 84% off the all time highs, some analysts believe that GameStop is entering value play territory. Others see a slow train to bankruptcy. So which is it? Boom or Bust?

GME : 18.32 (-13.26%)
AAPL : 186.88 (-2.11%)
AMZN : 181.05 (-1.14%)
BBY : 69.63 (-1.23%)
WMT : 64.84 (-0.63%)
A Clear Signal of More Pain Ahead for Bank Stocks

The collapse of the banking sector back in 2008 left some important learning lessons for traders and investors. 15 years those lessons are repeating themselves again. Will we see the same reaction as we...

SCHW : 72.34 (-3.89%)
KEY : 14.46 (-3.79%)
PNC : 152.77 (-2.38%)
NTRS : 82.86 (-1.24%)
CMA : 50.24 (-5.67%)
ASB : 20.97 (-2.33%)
JPM : 196.92 (-0.70%)
BAC : 39.17 (-1.48%)

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