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Crude Oil Brent F Jul '23 (QAN23)
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Crude Oil Brent (F) Futures Market News and Commentary

Tight Global Supplies Boost Crude Prices

November WTI crude oil (CLX23) on Friday closed up +0.40 (+0.45%), and Nov RBOB gasoline (RBX23) closed down -5.62 (-2.19%).

Nov WTI crude oil and gasoline prices on Friday settled mixed, with gasoline falling to a 2-week low.  A rally in the dollar index today to a 6-1/2 month high was bearish for energy prices.  Also, Friday's decline in the S&P 500 to a 3-1/4 month low undercut confidence in the economic outlook, which was negative for energy demand.

However, crude posted moderate gains on expectations that global oil supplies will remain tight.  Crude also had carryover support from Thursday when Russia banned gasoline and diesel exports, further tightening global fuel supplies.  

Global economic news Friday was mixed for energy prices.  On the positive side, the U.S. Sep S&P manufacturing PMI rose +1.0 to 48.9, stronger than expectations of 48.2.  Also, the Eurozone Sep S&P composite PMI rose +0.4 to 47.1, stronger than expectations of a decline to 46.5.  On t... Read more

Contract Specifications

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Brent Crude Oil Financial Futures
Contract Size
1,000 barrels (42,000 gallons)
Tick Size
1 cent per barrel ($10.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (Settles 1:30p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
Expiration Date
06/01/23 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

Crude Oil Brent F Jul '23
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior F Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
68.20 +6.57%
on 05/04/23
79.78 -8.90%
on 05/02/23
-6.63 (-8.36%)
since 05/01/23
68.20 +6.57%
on 05/04/23
86.90 -16.36%
on 04/12/23
-10.49 (-12.61%)
since 03/01/23
68.20 +6.57%
on 05/04/23
103.57 -29.83%
on 06/09/22
-24.09 (-24.89%)
since 06/01/22

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ZWY00 : 502-0s (+0.73%)
ZCY00 : 505-6s (+0.40%)
ZSY00 : 1258-0s (+0.16%)
LEY00 : 183.000s (+0.28%)
Tight Global Supplies Boost Crude Prices

November WTI crude oil (CLX23 ) on Friday closed up +0.40 (+0.45%), and Nov RBOB gasoline (RBX23 ) closed down -5.62 (-2.19%). Nov WTI crude oil and gasoline prices on Friday settled mixed, with gasoline...

CLX23 : 90.34 (+0.34%)
RBX23 : 2.5254 (+0.54%)
Nat-Gas Prices Post Moderate Gains on a Jump in European Nat-Gas

October Nymex natural gas (NGV23 ) on Friday closed +0.027 (+1.03%). Nat-gas prices Friday posted moderate gains, garnering carryover support from a rally in European nat-gas prices to a 1-month high....

NGX23 : 2.884 (+0.17%)
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RIG : 8.14 (+2.39%)
XOM : 114.94 (+0.16%)
CVX : 166.28 (+0.66%)
BP : 38.44 (+0.87%)
XLE : 89.31 (+0.17%)
CLX23 : 90.34 (+0.34%)
Crude Prices Underpinned by Tight Global Supplies

November WTI crude oil (CLX23 ) this morning is up +0.81 (+0.90%), and Nov RBOB gasoline (RBX23 ) is down -1.29 (-0.50%). Nov WTI crude oil and gasoline prices this morning are mixed. A rally in the dollar...

CLX23 : 90.34 (+0.34%)
RBX23 : 2.5254 (+0.54%)
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CVX : 166.28 (+0.66%)
OXY : 62.89 (+0.53%)
$SPX : 4,320.06 (-0.23%)
XLE : 89.31 (+0.17%)
BRK.B : 360.16 (-0.86%)
Crude Gives Up Early Gains as Stocks Tumble

November WTI crude oil (CLX23 ) on Thursday closed down -0.03 (-0.03%), and Nov RBOB gasoline (RBX23 ) closed down -0.26 (-0.10%). Nov WTI crude oil and gasoline prices on Thursday whipsawed throughout...

CLX23 : 90.34 (+0.34%)
RBX23 : 2.5254 (+0.54%)
DXY00 : 105.624 (+0.04%)
Nat-Gas Prices Slump a Second Day on Weak Domestic Demand and Ample Supplies

October Nymex natural gas (NGV23 ) on Thursday closed -0.123 (-4.50%). Nat-gas prices on Thursday tumbled for a second day on the outlook for warmer-than-normal temperatures to curb heating demand for...

NGX23 : 2.884 (+0.17%)

Barchart Trading Guide

The Barchart Trading Guide is a Sell Signal with a Weak Signal Strength.

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 72.68
2nd Resistance Point 72.68
1st Resistance Point 72.68
Last Price 72.68s
1st Support Level 72.68
2nd Support Level 72.68
3rd Support Level 72.68

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52-Week High 103.57
Fibonacci 61.8% 90.06
Fibonacci 50% 85.88
Fibonacci 38.2% 81.71
Last Price 72.68s
52-Week Low 68.20

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