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New Zealand Dollar Dec '19 (N6Z19)

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New Zealand Dollar Futures Market News and Commentary

Dollar Gains on Strong U.S. Housing Data and Hawkish Fed Comments

The dollar index (DXY00) on Wednesday moved up +0.072 (+0.07%). Mar euro-fx futures (E6H0) closed up +0.0017 (+0.16%), and EUR/USD (^EURUSD) rose +0.0008 (+0.07%). Mar yen futures (J6H0) closed down -0.11 (-0.12%), and USD/JPY (^USDJPY) rose +0.18 (+0.16%).

The dollar index posted modest gains Wednesday on strength in U.S. housing data along with hawkish Fed comments. Dollar gains on Wednesday were limited after the 10-year T-note yield fell to a new record low.

Wednesday's U.S. housing data was bullish for the dollar after Jan new home sales rose +7.9% to a 12-1/2 year high of 764,000, stronger than expectations of +3.5% to 718,000.

Wednesday's hawkish comments from Dallas Fed President Kaplan (voter) were supportive for the dollar when he said events are still too fluid around the China coronavirus to say if the FOMC needs to lower short-term interest rates.

The 10-year T-note yield on Wednesday tumbled to a new record low of 1.299%, which weakened the... Read more

Contract Specifications

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New Zealand Dollar
Contract Size
NZD 100,000
Tick Size
0.0001 points ($10.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (Settles 2:00p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
Expiration Date
12/16/19 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

New Zealand Dollar Dec '19
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Dec Contracts

Commitment of Traders Positions as of Feb 18, 2020

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Commercials - Long / Short
30,151 (+7,548)
15,207 (-1,399)
Non-Commercials - Long / Short
17,485 (-2,408)
29,672 (+5,703)
Dealers / Intermediary - Long / Short
23,580 (+8,144)
3,802 (-1,786)
Asset / Manager - Long / Short
4,498 (-1,062)
18,178 (+4,536)
Leveraged Funds - Long / Short
16,501 (-862)
20,481 (+1,346)
Other Reportables - Long / Short
2,429 (-1,108)
1,790 (+180)
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
0.63850 +3.49%
on 11/19/19
0.66270 -0.29%
on 12/13/19
+0.02050 (+3.20%)
since 11/15/19
0.62150 +6.32%
on 10/01/19
0.66270 -0.29%
on 12/13/19
+0.02510 (+3.95%)
since 09/16/19
0.62150 +6.32%
on 10/01/19
0.69490 -4.91%
on 01/30/19
-0.02340 (-3.42%)
since 12/14/18

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Dollar Gains on Strong U.S. Housing Data and Hawkish Fed Comments

The dollar index (DXY00) on Wednesday moved up +0.072 (+0.07%). Mar euro-fx futures (E6H0) closed up +0.0017 (+0.16%), and EUR/USD (^EURUSD) rose +0.0008 (+0.07%). Mar yen futures (J6H0) closed down -0.11...

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Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 96% Buy with a Strengthening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

The market is approaching overbought territory. Be watchful of a trend reversal.

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Key Turning Points

2nd Resistance Point 0.66293
1st Resistance Point 0.66187
Last Price 0.66080s
1st Support Level 0.65937
2nd Support Level 0.65793

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52-Week High 0.69490
Fibonacci 61.8% 0.66686
Last Price 0.66080s
Fibonacci 50% 0.65820
Fibonacci 38.2% 0.64954
52-Week Low 0.62150

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