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Wed, Jul 17th, 2024

Jim Osman

Jim Osman

With over 30 years of expertise in fundamental Spinoff, Special Situations, and Activist Ideas, Jim offers invaluable insights. He not only helps partners uncover investment opportunities but also focuses on aligning these ideas with the unique requirements of money managers' investment strategies. In today's dynamic market landscape, where valuation alone doesn't guarantee returns, Jim's expertise adds a layer of intelligence to enhance capital growth.

Jim pursued Investment Management at The London Business School, reflecting his commitment to excellence. Alongside his professional achievements, he enjoys a fulfilling personal life as a devoted husband and father of two. Additionally, Jim's dedication extends to his passion for competing in triathlons at Ironman and Half Ironman distances, showcasing his tenacity and drive beyond the financial realm.

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The Hidden Risks Of Share Buybacks

Share buybacks, sometimes referred to as share repurchases, are a type of financial engineering whereby a firm purchases back its own shares from the market. This strategy is not without risk, though,...

AAPL : 228.44 (-2.72%)
GOOG : 182.54 (-1.60%)
IBM : 186.72 (+0.49%)
PYPL : 60.74 (-1.73%)
AMZN : 186.66 (-3.29%)
GOOGL : 180.90 (-1.64%)
CSCO : 48.32 (+1.90%)
Disney's Strategic Dilemma And The Case For Spinning Off ESPN

Once unopposed in its field, Disney today faces a variety of difficulties reflecting internal strategy decisions and more general industry developments.

DIS : 96.87 (-1.62%)
Beyond Buffett: Exploring Alternative Investment Strategies For Dynamic Returns

Investment methods that challenge traditional approaches. Insights on dynamic strategies that can significantly enhance portfolio returns in rapidly evolving markets.

The Allure of Fast Cash, Its Perilous Consequences, And How To Avoid Them

Discover the top reasons investors lose money and how to safeguard your assets.

When Cheap Stocks Are Too Good To Be True: Understanding Value Traps

Value investing targets undervalued stocks, but beware of "value traps" where seeming bargains mask deep-rooted issues like poor management or obsolete technology.

The Stock Market Is Going To Crash, Or Is This Time Different?

Current market conditions echo the volatility seen before historic crashes like in 1987, driven by rising bond yields and economic uncertainties, urging investors to focus on long-term strategies rather...

Unpacking the Impact: The True Significance of Stock Splits

While the increase in stock splits may appear promising, it is important to consider it as only one component of a more comprehensive investment analysis.

GME : 28.97 (+1.51%)
AMC : 5.46 (-0.18%)
CMG : 55.52 (-3.84%)
GOOGL : 180.90 (-1.64%)
AMZN : 186.66 (-3.29%)
SMSN.L.EB : 1,555.000 (-1.80%)
AAPL : 228.44 (-2.72%)
TSLA : 249.44 (-2.78%)
Some Companies Are Full Of Cockroaches. Boeing Is One Of Them

The cockroach theory in investing suggests that initial bad news from a company might signal more underlying issues, similar to how seeing one cockroach often means more are hidden.

WFC : 60.44 (+0.33%)
VOW3.D.DX : 106.350 (-0.47%)
GM : 49.64 (-0.26%)
BA : 184.78 (-0.68%)
Veralto: The Unassuming ESG Powerhouse That Will Likely Double

In the specialized field of spinoff companies, Veralto emerges as a prime investment opportunity, stemming from its recent spinoff from Danaher Corporation.

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Tesla Makes History 🚨 For the first time since going public in 2010, $TSLA has traded green for 14 of the last 15 days!
Dow Jones Industrials had its best day since June 2, 2023
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Former President Donald Trump reportedly considering JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon for Treasury Secretary
Small Caps could soar 40% over the next 10 weeks says Tom Lee from Fundstrat
H/T: @zerohedge
We just witnessed the largest 5-day outperformance by Small Cap Stocks $IWM over the S&P 500 since October 1987. Nothing happened that month right? 🤔
Dot Com Warning 🚨 Lowest quality corporate bonds are diverging from safer bonds by the widest margin since 1999
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