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S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary [Sector] ($SRCD)

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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
970.80 +3.59%
on 12/19/19
1,007.17 -0.15%
on 01/17/20
+32.84 (+3.38%)
since 12/17/19
937.10 +7.32%
on 11/21/19
1,007.17 -0.15%
on 01/17/20
+43.78 (+4.55%)
since 10/17/19
824.23 +22.01%
on 01/23/19
1,007.17 -0.15%
on 01/17/20
+169.33 (+20.25%)
since 01/17/19

Percentage of Stocks Above Moving Average

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S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary [Sector] Market Movers

All Components
EU to revamp anti-smuggler mission for UN Libya arms embargo

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union countries have agreed to “refocus” the mission of the bloc’s anti-migrant smuggler naval operation in the Mediterranean Sea so that it concentrates on upholding the U.N. arms embargo against Libya, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Monday.

Paris transit strike eases; commuters, tourists relieved

PARIS (AP) — Paris commuters who have battled through six weeks of misery-inducing transport strikes found their smiles again Monday as some subway workers ended their walkouts against a contested overhaul of France's pension system.

Libyan oil fields remain shut, testing peace summit

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — Libya’s major oil fields and production facilities remained closed on Monday, its National Oil Corporation said, in a sign that the country's east-based forces are not backing down after an international summit to end the Libyan civil war.

Bosnian protesters hold anti-pollution protest in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Dozens of people on Monday gathered for a protest in Sarajevo because of dangerously high levels of air pollution in the past few weeks in the Bosnian capital.

Critics: consumers should be wary of short-term health plans

UK looks to fast-growing Africa for trade ties after Brexit

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Harry touted the U.K. as an ideal business partner for Africa on Monday as their country prepares for post-Brexit dealings with the world.

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 100% Buy and ranks in the Top 1% of all short term signal directions.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

The market is approaching overbought territory. Be watchful of a trend reversal.

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Index New Highs & Lows

(64 Total Components)

5-Day 38 2 36
1-Month 23 1 22
3-Month 16 0 16
6-Month 13 0 13
52-Week 11 0 11
YTD 25 1 24

Key Turning Points

2nd Resistance Point 1,009.05
1st Resistance Point 1,007.37
Last Price 1,005.68
1st Support Level 1,003.80
2nd Support Level 1,001.91

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52-Week High 1,007.17
Last Price 1,005.68
Fibonacci 61.8% 937.29
Fibonacci 50% 915.70
Fibonacci 38.2% 894.11
52-Week Low 824.23

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