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Barchart Corn Yield Forecast Price Indexes

Fri, Jul 19th, 2024

Corn Yield Forecasts by State

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Barchart Yield Forecast Price Index Family

Our yield estimates are calculated for over 3,000 areas throughout the United States. Whether you need county, state, or national yield forecasts, we deliver data you can rely on. Historical data is available in our APIs, cmdtyView Pro, and cmdtyView Excel.

Estimates are published daily to subscribers, while public estimates are provided on a bi-weekly basis. Crop Reporting District and County-level forecasts are available to our clients. You can explore all available instruments here.

Estimates are powered by geospatial data that is collected, processed, and made exclusively available through Barchart. Advanced crop production factors are available through our crop factors API. Additional information, pricing, and analytics for physical commodities are available to subscribers of cmdtyView® - the leading platform for commodity trading – or other data products available through Barchart.

Barchart Corn Yield Forecast Price Indexes

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