Yield Forecast Indexes

Yield Forecast Indexes

Get ahead of the curve with access to high-performing yield predictions - get better information faster than through traditional USDA reports

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3,000+ Daily Updates

Get daily updated yield forecasts for your county, all the way up to the national level. We’ve got you covered with broad coverage and frequent updates.

Historical Data

Our forecasts outperform and we’ve got the data to prove it. Historical forecasts are available back to 2014 for Corn and Soybeans.

Build Pricing Models

With forecast data that is ahead of the curve you can build robust pricing models for futures. Combine with our basis indexes to customize a crop marketing strategy.

cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes

Price Index Symbol Value Change % Change Date*
cmdty US Corn Yield Forecast ZCYAUS.CM 161.780 +0.140 +0.09% 10/29/19
cmdty IA Corn Yield Forecast ZCYAIA.CM 183.780 0.000 unch 10/29/19
cmdty IL Corn Yield Forecast ZCYAIL.CM 155.600 -0.010 -0.01% 10/29/19
cmdty NE Corn Yield Forecast ZCYANE.CM 190.920 +0.010 +0.01% 10/29/19
cmdty MN Corn Yield Forecast ZCYAMN.CM 169.940 0.000 unch 10/29/19
cmdty US Soybean Yield Forecast ZSYAUS.CM 47.390 -0.040 -0.08% 10/29/19
cmdty IA Soybean Yield Forecast ZSYAIA.CM 54.820 0.000 unch 10/29/19
cmdty IL Soybean Yield Forecast ZSYAIL.CM 44.750 0.000 unch 10/29/19
cmdty NE Soybean Yield Forecast ZSYANE.CM 65.290 -0.540 -0.82% 10/29/19
cmdty MN Soybean Yield Forecast ZSYAMN.CM 41.050 +0.010 +0.02% 10/29/19

* Public yield estimates are provided bi-weekly and represent only a small portion of our overall coverage. cmdtyView Pro and API subscribers can access daily updates for thousands of different yield prediction areas.

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