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Best-in-class intraday and historical data from 4,000+ grain buying facilities – power your products with grain prices from Barchart

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Historical Data

Our historical grain prices and local cash bids are deep and easily accessed via the same APIs used to query exchange derivative data

Continuous Pricing

Records are created on price events – not just snapped from end-of-day prices. Our coverage of grain buying activity is unmatched

Reference Data

Rich meta covering geo-location, facility type, FIPs codes, and more – simplifies integration and facilitates analytics

Simple to use APIs to deliver data into your application

  • Historical event-based data starting in 2008
  • Real-time updates available via getQuote
  • Rich meta for ease of integration
  • Deploy a solution in minutes with Web Services

Seamless integration into your workflow for pricing and risk

  • Data available over API or the cmdtyView® desktop
  • Feed your pricing & risk systems with valuable grain price data
  • Inquire for software distribution or enterprise licensing

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