Retail Fuel Price Indexes

Retail Fuel Price Indexes

Use our indexes on retail diesel and gas prices for research and analysis through cmdtyView Pro, our Excel Add-in, or over an API.

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Barchart Retail Fuel Price Indexes

Price Index Symbol Value Day Change % Change Date
US Diesel Price HOPAUS01.CM 3.697 +0.001 +0.03% 07/24/24
US DEF Price HOPAUS02.CM 4.222 -0.008 -0.19% 07/24/24
US Regular Gas Price RBPAUS04.CM 3.335 +0.026 +0.78% 07/24/24
US Midgrade Gas Price RBPAUS05.CM 3.713 +0.019 +0.51% 07/24/24
US Premium Gas Price RBPAUS06.CM 4.076 +0.020 +0.50% 07/24/24
TN Diesel Price HOPATN01.CM 3.626 -0.019 -0.52% 07/24/24
CA Diesel Price HOPACA01.CM 4.725 -0.008 -0.16% 07/24/24
OK Diesel Price HOPAOK01.CM 3.490 +0.000 unch 07/24/24
TX Diesel Price HOPATX01.CM 3.433 -0.001 -0.02% 07/24/24
IN Diesel Price HOPAIN01.CM 3.961 +0.009 +0.22% 07/24/24
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