Grain Price Indexes

Grain Price Indexes

Smart, transparent, and accurate grain price assessments for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat - to power decisions for physical grain professionals

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End of Day Assessments

Drive your front and back office with reliable and unbiased data from cmdtyIndexes. Our independent end of day pricing allows users to analyze historical trade performance, and spot opportunities with new potential counterparties.

Continuous Fair Values

Our real-time assessments, built on cash grain bids, can power your commodity trading and analytics platform - ensuring that the price that you’re buying or selling is the true market price.

Forward Curves for Grain

Get twelve months of forward curve information for over 4,000 index areas. Our data can be easily used to plot curves historically and identify seasonal patterns.

cmdty Grain Price Benchmarks

Price Index Symbol Value Day Change % Change Date
cmdty National Corn Price Idx ZCPAUS.CM 3.330 -0.048 -1.43% 09/24/20
cmdty National Soybean Price Idx ZSPAUS.CM 9.436 -0.144 -1.50% 09/24/20
cmdty National Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx ZWPAUS.CM 5.221 +0.007 +0.14% 09/24/20
cmdty National Spring Wheat Price Idx MWPAUS.CM 4.776 +0.018 +0.37% 09/24/20
cmdty National Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx KEPAUS.CM 4.489 -0.013 -0.28% 09/24/20
cmdty Iowa Corn Price Idx ZCPAIA.CM 3.340 -0.048 -1.41% 09/24/20
cmdty Illinois Corn Price Idx ZCPAIL.CM 3.447 -0.045 -1.29% 09/24/20
cmdty Illinois Soybean Price Idx ZSPAIL.CM 9.774 -0.139 -1.40% 09/24/20
cmdty Iowa Soybean Price Idx ZSPAIA.CM 9.437 -0.141 -1.48% 09/24/20
cmdty North Dakota Spring Wheat Price Idx MWPAND.CM 4.836 +0.017 +0.36% 09/24/20
cmdty Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx KEPAKS.CM 4.520 -0.012 -0.27% 09/24/20
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* Prices are delayed and represent only a small portion of our overall coverage. Subscribe to cmdtyView or contact sales for more information on how you can access streaming data, forward curves, and county-level indexes.

cmdtyIndexes is the authority for grain bids and price assessments

Our methodology uses a sophisticated - but transparent - weighting process to ensure the commodity prices we generate reflect underlying market economics. By combining price with capacity and throughput, cmdtyIndexes is the only source for grain pricing that isn’t just “average.”


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Simple to use aggregated data available over API

  • Supply & Demand
  • Production & Consumption
  • Imports & Exports
  • GDP & Payroll Data
  • Grain stocks, acres planted, and harvested
  • CFTC Commitment of Traders

Seamless integration into your team’s workflow

  • Data available over API, cmdtyView or cmdtyView Excel
  • Subscription packages available for teams down to single users
  • Increase the efficiency with which your team collects information
  • Let us onboard and manage complex data sets for you as a managed service

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