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Terra Luna - USD (^LUNAUSD)

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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
1.65120 +30.34%
on 06/20/22
4.98430 -56.82%
on 06/07/22
-2.76780 (-56.26%)
since 06/06/22
0.00011 +99,999.99%
on 05/27/22
109.49500 -98.03%
on 04/07/22
-106.91080 (-98.03%)
since 04/06/22
0.00011 +99,999.99%
on 05/27/22
119.50401 -98.20%
on 04/05/22
-4.06240 (-65.37%)
since 07/06/21

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Extreme Fear Remains: Recapping What’s Behind The Crypto Market Panic

The current streak of extreme fear is already the longest ever in crypto history, and it’s continuing on still. Here’s a recap of the major events responsible for this bottom sentiment. Crypto Fear...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
The Terra Luna Experiment Provided Everyone With a Warning

Though few positive takeaways exist from the implosion of the Terra cryptocurrency, it gave blockchain investors a critical clue which they should monitor frequently.

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
Controlling The Chaos: Alameda Ventures Bails Out Voyager With $200M & 15K BTC

Apparently, Voyager Digital is out of the woods. The company ran into liquidity issues when Three Arrows Capital failed to pay a huge loan to them. Welcome to another chapter of the crypto death spiral...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
Do Knwon Turns Twitter Account To Private After LUNA Slumps

In less than a month after the deployment of the new blockchain, LUNA 2.0, the token’s price has declined by over 77%. Early this year, the Terra blockchain was hailed to be the future of cryptocurrencies,...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
Did Celsius’ Withdrawal Trigger The Terra/ LUNA Collapse? Claim & Response

Did Celsius set off the domino effect? Almost a month ago, The Block Crypto reported that Celsius pulled at least $500M from the Anchor protocol before the collapse. Two weeks ago, blockchain analytics...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
ARK: Now Decoupled From Terra, “Bitcoin’s Selling Pressure Should Subside”

The Terra / Luna / UST collapse keeps on generating headlines. This time, we’ll use the data in ARK’s “The Bitcoin Monthly” report to establish its impact on the bitcoin ecosystem. Remember that...

^BTCUSD : 20,234.20 (-1.06%)
^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
LUNA2 Records Losses as Market Rebounds, Investors Lost Faith?

A couple of days after its launch, the new LUNA or LUNA2 token from the Terra network continues to experience high volatility levels. The cryptocurrency was deployed as a result of the collapse of the...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
How Early LUNA Holders, Founders Made Off With $6B

The Terra (LUNA) crash will go down in crypto history as one of its most catastrophic events. Billions of people lost their life savings and investments. In the meantime, a small group of insiders benefited....

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
Bitcoin On-Chain Activity Throttled After LUNA Collapse

Bitcoin on-chain activity has fallen into the red after the infamous LUNA collapse. The collapse had no doubt reduced faith in the cryptocurrency market and has seen investors significantly reduce their...

^BTCUSD : 20,234.20 (-1.06%)
BAN22 : 20,120 (-1.32%)
BTN22 : 20,145 (-1.20%)
GBTC : 12.9300 (+5.55%)
^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)
LUNA Records 100% Growth In A Single Day. More Upside Coming?

LUNA has been on the decline since the crash of the UST rocked the crypto space earlier this month. What had been one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the market had quickly turned sour. The...

^LUNAUSD : 2.14270 (-1.32%)

Terra Profile


Terra is an algorithmically-governed, seigniorage share style stablecoin platform to which a collection of fiat-pegged tokens and a stabilizing cryptoasset, Luna, are native.

Website Terra
Twitter @terra_money
Inception 04/23/19
Proof Type DPoS
Available Supply 128,468,850
Total Supply 1,000,422,976

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 100% Sell with a Average short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 2.37900
2nd Resistance Point 2.31500
1st Resistance Point 2.24320
Last Price 2.14270
1st Support Level 2.10740
2nd Support Level 2.04340
3rd Support Level 1.97160

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52-Week High 119.50401
Fibonacci 61.8% 73.85352
Fibonacci 50% 59.75206
Fibonacci 38.2% 45.65060
Last Price 2.14270
52-Week Low 0.00011

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