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Bitconnect - USD (^BCCUSD)

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BitConnect Coin Profile

BitConnect Coin

BitConnect Coin is a Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Scrypt cryptocurrency. They are used by bitconnect community members for bitconnect services and to store and invest the wealth in a non-government controlled currency. The BitConnect coins will also be used as payment system on number of BitConnect partner websites.

Website BitConnect Coin
Twitter @bitconnect
Inception 11/15/16
Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW/PoS
Available Supply 10,015,215
Total Supply 10,866,414
Max Supply 28,000,000

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point N/A
2nd Resistance Point N/A
1st Resistance Point N/A
Last Price N/A
1st Support Level N/A
2nd Support Level N/A
3rd Support Level N/A

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52-Week High N/A
Fibonacci 61.8% N/A
Fibonacci 50% N/A
Fibonacci 38.2% N/A
52-Week Low N/A

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