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Discover Your Virtual Reality with These Metaverse Stocks

A definitive list of metaverse stocks and ETFs, which are companies involved with building an immersive internet experience.
Sun, May 28th, 2023

Between Facebook’s (FB) renaming to Meta, the increasing velocity of digital goods purchases, and the rising interest in virtual experiences, the metaverse appears to have secured its future. But what exactly is the metaverse? The metaverse is a digital, three-dimensional world that is accessible in real-time by an unlimited number of people, allowing for social interactions, commerce, and much more. Barchart’s Metaverse Stocks list will help investors identify and compare metaverse companies to find the best investment opportunities.

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EV News

Amazon begins offering physical products in games, VR

Amazon said Tuesday it launched a new service that will allow customers to purchase physical products while playing video games or interacting in virtual reality

$SPX : 4,205.45 (+1.30%)
$DOWI : 33,093.34 (+1.00%)
$IUXX : 14,298.41 (+2.58%)
AMZN : 120.11 (+4.44%)
NKE : 107.51 (+0.03%)
Nextech3D.AI – Your Metaverse Company

The concept of Artificial Intelligence was born in 1936 when famous mathematician Alan Turing proposed the concept of a universal machine that could perform any computation that a human could.

Comic Relief launches metaverse fundraiser to fight poverty

Can playing more Roblox make your kids more philanthropic

$SPX : 4,205.45 (+1.30%)
$DOWI : 33,093.34 (+1.00%)
$IUXX : 14,298.41 (+2.58%)
Black, Hispanic investors struggle with faith in crypto

Many Black and Latino investors were drawn to crypto by its promise to be pathway to wealth-building outside of a traditional financial system with long history of racial discrimination and indifference...

SI : 1.2500 (+0.81%)
SBNY : 0.1306 (+0.54%)
CommodityTrends Weekly Newsletter

May Orange Juice May Orange Juice broke up above the 245.60 level today, which was the top edge of its recent consolidation (see blue horizontal line), and is +8.55 or, 3.40% at the time of this writing....

ZLK23 : 49.89s (-2.00%)
ZWK23 : 624-4s (+1.67%)
NGK23 : 2.117s (-8.24%)
GFJ23 : 203.200s (+0.26%)
CTK23 : 81.53s (-0.73%)
SBK23 : 26.99s (unch)
Launch debut of 3D-printed rocket ends in failure, no orbit

A rocket made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts has finally taken flight, but didn't last long

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