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Cobalt Aug '22 (U8Q22)

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Contract Specifications

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Cobalt Futures
Contract Size
1 tonne
Tick Size
$0.25 ($0.25 per contract)
Trading Hours
9:00p.m. - 8:45p.m. GMT
Point Value
Expiration Date
08/15/22 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

Cobalt Aug '22
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Aug Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
46,500.00 unch
on 08/15/22
50,154.00 -7.29%
on 07/18/22
-8,661.00 (-15.70%)
since 07/15/22
46,500.00 unch
on 08/15/22
75,005.00 -38.00%
on 05/16/22
-35,527.00 (-43.31%)
since 05/13/22
46,500.00 unch
on 08/15/22
82,321.00 -43.51%
on 03/09/22
-7,377.50 (-13.69%)
since 08/13/21

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Most Recent Stories

More News
Green Wave Electronics Announced Newest Sustainability Initiative

This will promote reforestation in areas that are deforested or degraded.

U8X22 : 51,758.00s (-0.01%)
LME Responded to Speculations on Banning Russian Metal

Meantime, market sources pointed out that the exchange could not ban Russian metal without imposing sanctions on producing companies.

Monarch Mining Suspended Operations at Beaufor Mine

Before placing the Beaufor Mill on care and maintenance, Monarch Mining intends to process the estimated stockpile of 20,000 tonnes.

Net Gold Purchases by Central Banks Halved in August

Also, preliminary data published by the Qatar Central Bank indicates further addition of gold to its reserves in August this year.

GCZ22 : 1,671.4 (+0.17%)
MMV22 : 63.38s (-0.05%)
GRZ22 : 1,671.4 (+0.17%)
Novelis Zhenjiang Plant Earned Prestigious ASI Certification

Also, Novelis’ three plants in North America hold Performance Standard Certification.

ALZ22 : 2,225.50 (+0.38%)
Q8Z22 : 2,196.50s (+3.49%)
R8V22 : 1,760.00s (unch)
ALPAUSY15.CM : 0.6939 (unch)
ALPAUSY51.CM : 0.4211 (-0.21%)
JSW Steel Join Forces with JFE Steel to Construct New Manufacturing Facility

The study in in its final stages and a final decision on the project is expected before the end of this year.

HVX22 : 774.00s (+0.52%)
THV22 : 400.00s (unch)
C-X22 : 359.00s (-1.64%)
V7X22 : 589.00s (+0.86%)
V5U22 : 801.50s (unch)
FSPAUSY41.CM : 8.7550 (unch)
FSPAUSY46.CM : 7.9400 (unch)
SSPAUSY39.CM : 0.2463 (-1.24%)
29th September, 2022: Scrap Gold Prices Surged, Platinum and Silver Dipped on Index

The prices of 18 carat and 22 carat gold scrap also

29th September, 2022: North American Copper Scrap Prices Surged on Index

Shredded Auto Scrap reported no change in prices in comparison with the previous day.

WGC Report Focuses on Indian Retail Jewellery Landscape

One of the major developments has been the tremendous rise in chain stores, which have gained a lot of market share from stand-alone retailers.

GCZ22 : 1,671.4 (+0.17%)
MMV22 : 63.38s (-0.05%)
GRZ22 : 1,671.4 (+0.17%)
28th September, 2022: Chinese Scrap Metal Prices Posted Notable Dip on Index

304 SS Solid prices too remained flat over the previous day.

Barchart Trading Guide

The Barchart Trading Guide is a Sell Signal with a Weak Signal Strength.

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 46,500.00
2nd Resistance Point 46,500.00
1st Resistance Point 46,500.00
Last Price 46,500.00s
1st Support Level 46,500.00
2nd Support Level 46,500.00
3rd Support Level 46,500.00

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52-Week High 82,321.00
Fibonacci 61.8% 68,637.38
Fibonacci 50% 64,410.50
Fibonacci 38.2% 60,183.62
Last Price 46,500.00s
52-Week Low 46,500.00

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