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Easy-to-Use Menu

On desktop, the site content is conveniently grouped into major categories at the top of the page. Click on any category to find the page you want. Once you are on a symbol page, navigation to the quotes, charts, technicals, options (etc.) can be found in the left column.

Easy to use menu

Data Table Quick Links

Continue to access our most popular pages directly from data tables. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the end of each row to open the links menu.

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Data Table Links

Expandable Data Tables

Quickly view symbol data without leaving the page by clicking the plus sign on the left side of a symbol row on any data table. Preview charts, technicals, opinions, and more.

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Expand Data Table

Fully Responsive Mobile Design

The website is fully responsive, from desktop, to tablet, to your mobile device. On mobile, site navigation is accessed from the menu on the right. Once you are on a symbol page, navigation to the quotes, charts, technicals, options (etc.) is built into the page in the menu at the top.

Responsive Mobile Design

News Stories

Navigate headlines easier by opening them in a modal, so you don't lose your place on the site.

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Add favorite symbols to a watchlist from any quote page. Must be logged in to use.

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Stock Comparison

This new page, found in the menu on individual quote pages, will help you see how similar stocks perform against each other.

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Symbol Comparison

On-Page Help

Get an in-depth explanation of the page you're viewing by clicking on the question mark.

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Page Help


Access FlipCharts by clicking the link at the top of a data table. We've improved the chart viewing experience by adding a navigation ribbon to the top of the modal so you can skip ahead to the symbols that are important to you instead of clicking through each symbol one, by one. Must be logged in to use.

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Easily Side-Scroll Data Tables on Desktop

Click in the data table and use the left-right arrow keys when all columns are not in view. By using the arrow keys you can pan the columns of a large table without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Scroll Tables