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Live Cattle Pit Aug '23 (LCQ23)
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Live Cattle (Pit) Futures Market News and Commentary

Strong Friday Rally for Cattle Futures

Live cattle limited the week’s draw down with a triple digit gain of as much as 2% on Friday. Feb fats were up by $3.20 for the day, but still down by $3.40 for the week. There have been no Dec cattle deliveries issued yet, the Friday board rally now has Dec at a ~$1-6 discount to the cash. There were a few $166-$168 sales reported on Friday, but USDA maintained the bulk of sales for the week was near $171. Feeder cattle futures closed up by 2.3% on Friday, flipping the board to a net gain for the weekly move. Jan feeders closed 87 cents above last Friday. The CME Feeder Cattle Index for 12/06 was back down by $1.92 to $222.31. 

CFTC’s weekly Commitment of Traders report had cattle spec traders taking closing longs for an 8.7k weaker net long of 27.7k contracts on 12/5. The spec traders had extended their net short in feeder cattle by 634 contracts to 1,247 via net new selling.

The WAOB left the 2023 beef output at 26.932 billion lbs, in today’s WASDE report, but raised... Read more

Contract Specifications

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Live Cattle [Pit]
Contract Size
40,000 pounds
Tick Size
0.00025 per pound ($10.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
8:30a.m. - 1:02p.m. CST
Point Value
Expiration Date
08/31/23 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

Live Cattle Pit Aug '23
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Pit Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
177.950 +1.00%
on 08/22/23
181.100 -0.76%
on 08/10/23
+1.675 (+0.94%)
since 07/31/23
169.700 +5.91%
on 06/20/23
181.325 -0.88%
on 07/19/23
+12.050 (+7.19%)
since 05/31/23
150.100 +19.74%
on 09/28/22
181.325 -0.88%
on 07/19/23
+26.600 (+17.37%)
since 08/26/22

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ZSH24 : 1323-0s (-0.55%)
ZCH24 : 485-4s (-0.51%)
ZWZ23 : 615-0s (-1.76%)
Hogs Rally Into Weekend

Lean hog futures finished the last trade day of the week with $0.87 to $1.52 gains. For Feb, that only reduced the week’s loss to $1.12. The National Average Base Hog price for Friday afternoon was 17...

HEZ23 : 68.425s (+1.30%)
HEJ24 : 76.150s (+2.04%)
KMZ23 : 82.350s (+1.17%)
Strong Friday Rally for Cattle Futures

Live cattle limited the week’s draw down with a triple digit gain of as much as 2% on Friday. Feb fats were up by $3.20 for the day, but still down by $3.40 for the week. There have been no Dec cattle...

LEZ23 : 165.450s (+1.91%)
LEG24 : 165.725s (+1.97%)
LEJ24 : 169.300s (+2.02%)
GFF24 : 215.300s (+2.39%)
GFH24 : 216.075s (+2.32%)
Livestock Markets Rally to End Week on a Positive note

Short- covering rally to end week

Shootin' the Bull about good demand

In my opinion, cattle feeders got busy this week procuring inventory at the best basis spread of the year.  Not only that, I have heard of light weight cattle being gobbled up for wheat pastures and the...

Hogs Near Top End of $1.15 Range

Midday hog futures are trading 40 to 62 cents in the black, with the Feb contract ~20 cents off the session high. Feb futures have seen a$1.15 range so far for the last trade day of the week. The National...

HEZ23 : 68.425s (+1.30%)
HEG24 : 68.975s (+1.77%)
KMZ23 : 82.350s (+1.17%)
Cattle Rallying Triple Digits through Friday

Despite a bear friendly report, the cattle futures market is trading with triple digit gains of as much as 1.7%. Feeder cattle are leading the way through midday with gains of over 2% as the Jan contract...

LEZ23 : 165.450s (+1.91%)
LEG24 : 165.725s (+1.97%)
LEJ24 : 169.300s (+2.02%)
LEY00 : 170.740s (unch)
GFF24 : 215.300s (+2.39%)
GFH24 : 216.075s (+2.32%)

WASDE - 2023-12-08

ZSF24 : 1304-0s (-0.59%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 12.4837 (-0.59%)
ZSBAUS.CM : -0.5563 (+0.48%)
ZSDAUS-BIW.CM : 4,506,573 (unch)
ZSYAUS-BIW.CM : 52.03 (unch)
XSF24 : 4,386s (+1.98%)
XTF24 : 4,902s (+0.16%)
ZCH24 : 485-4s (-0.51%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 4.5496 (-0.52%)
ZCBAUS.CM : -0.3054 (+0.36%)
XVF24 : 2,490s (-0.12%)
XEU24 : 71.45s (+0.73%)

Barchart Trading Guide

The Barchart Trading Guide is a Sell Signal with a Weak Signal Strength.

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 179.725
2nd Resistance Point 179.725
1st Resistance Point 179.725
Last Price 179.725s
1st Support Level 179.725
2nd Support Level 179.725
3rd Support Level 179.725

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52-Week High 181.325
Last Price 179.725s
Fibonacci 61.8% 169.397
Fibonacci 50% 165.712
Fibonacci 38.2% 162.028
52-Week Low 150.100

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