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Ethereum - USD (^ETHUSD)

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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
2,657.0132 +46.02%
on 09/22/21
3,899.4490 -0.50%
on 10/15/21
+324.6052 (+9.13%)
since 09/15/21
1,721.5895 +125.37%
on 07/20/21
4,024.1125 -3.58%
on 09/03/21
+1,953.8363 (+101.44%)
since 07/15/21
362.3138 +970.86%
on 10/16/20
4,370.7671 -11.23%
on 05/12/21
+3,499.6816 (+920.50%)
since 10/15/20

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CryptoPunks Owner Declines Record-setting $9.5 Million Offer, Explains Why 

Earlier today, the owner of the non-fungible token CryptoPunks #6046 declined a bid of $9.5 million dollars in Ethereum (ETH), which would have been the highest on-chain NFT transaction to date. The bidder,...

Strike Launches New Feature To Allow Users Convert Salaries To Bitcoin

Payments processor Strike has announced the launch of a new feature that will allow users to convert their paychecks to bitcoin. This feature brings workers one step closer to collecting their paychecks...

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
SEC Approves Bitcoin ETF, Marking Historic Day for Crypto

Since the first meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2017, asset managers and investment firms have looked to seize the opportunity in the growing space, attempting to bring Bitcoin to Wall Street. Of course, the...

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
Jack Dorsey: Square Could Build Bitcoin Mining System

CEO of financial services company Square Jack Dorsey could take another step further into expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem. Via his Twitter account, Dorsey announced that the company is currently “considering”...

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
El Salvador explores bitcoin mining powered by volcanoes

BERLIN, El Salvador (AP) — At a geothermal power plant near El Salvador’s Tecapa volcano, 300 computers whir inside a trailer as they make complex mathematical calculations day and night verifying...

Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes

Bitcoin price is above $60,000 and bears are in disbelief. But they shouldn’t be, as bulls have long been in control of the trend. It had only been lower timeframes that had flipped bearish, while the...

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
^BTCUSDT : 61,616.85 (-0.05%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
Ethereum Looks Set To Explode As 400,000 ETH Exits Coinbase

On-chain data shows crypto exchange Coinbase saw a withdrawal of 400k Ethereum yesterday. This could be a sign of activity from institutional investors, and could prove to be bullish for the coin. Coinbase...

^ETHBTC : 0.064241 (+3.36%)
^ETHUSD : 3,950.0178 (+1.75%)
ERV21 : 3,873.25s (+1.55%)
ETHE : 35.2200 (+0.74%)
Bitcoin Breaks $60,000 Ahead Of SEC ETF Approvals

Bitcoin has broken a new five-month high on Friday after breaking above $60,000. The digital asset had begun its ascent weeks prior at the beginning of October, a historically bullish month for cryptocurrencies....

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
^BTCUSDT : 61,616.85 (-0.05%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
Bitcoin Returns To $60K, What’s Holding Off From New ATHs?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin has smashed its way through the $60,000 resistance and seems ready to take on new highs. The first cryptocurrency by market cap records a 11.6% and 4.2% profit in the weekly...

^BTCUSD : 61,520.44 (-1.54%)
BAV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
BTV21 : 62,075s (+6.67%)
GBTC : 47.4100 (+5.57%)
Bitcoin hits $60K as ETF approaches - 5 Reasons to invest now

Bitcoin hit $61,000 today as the SEC moves closer to approving a Bitcoin ETF - are there still good reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2021? Is the bull run over or just getting started? Bitcoin has turned bullish...

Ethereum Profile


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. In the Ethereum protocol and blockchain there is a price for each operation. The general idea is, in order to have things transferred or executed by the network, you have to consume or burn Gas. The cryptocurrency is called Ether and is used to pay for computation time and for transaction fees.

Website Ethereum
Twitter @ethereumproject
Inception 07/30/15
Algorithm Ethash
Proof Type PoW
Available Supply 117,307,096
Total Supply 117,949,642

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 88% Buy with a Strongest short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

The market is in highly overbought territory. Beware of a trend reversal.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 4,103.9697
2nd Resistance Point 4,001.7095
1st Resistance Point 3,940.7917
Last Price 3,950.0178
1st Support Level 3,777.6138
2nd Support Level 3,675.3535
3rd Support Level 3,614.4358

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52-Week High 4,370.7671
Last Price 3,950.0178
Fibonacci 61.8% 2,839.5378
Fibonacci 50% 2,366.5405
Fibonacci 38.2% 1,893.5430
52-Week Low 362.3138

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