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Pennexx Foods Inc (PNNX)

Pennexx Foods Inc (PNNX)

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  • Market Capitalization, $K N/A
  • Shares Outstanding, K N/A
  • Annual Sales, $ 0 K
  • Annual Income, $ 0 K
  • 60-Month Beta N/A
  • Price/Sales N/A
  • Price/Cash Flow N/A
  • Price/Book N/A
  • Price/Earnings ttm N/A
  • Earnings Per Share ttm N/A
  • Most Recent Earnings N/A on N/A
  • Next Earnings Date N/A
  • Annual Dividend & Yield N/A (0.00%)
  • Most Recent Dividend N/A on N/A
  • Sectors:

Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
0.0935 +17.65%
on 09/25/20
0.1700 -35.29%
on 09/01/20
-0.0120 (-9.84%)
since 08/25/20
0.0755 +45.70%
on 08/18/20
0.2239 -50.87%
on 08/21/20
-0.0600 (-35.29%)
since 06/25/20
0.0290 +279.31%
on 09/26/19
0.8850 -87.57%
on 01/27/20
+0.0750 (+214.29%)
since 09/25/19

Most Recent Stories

More News
Pennexx is About to Launch the Your Social Offers Debit Card as They Enter the Projected 4.7 Trillion Dollar FinTech Industry, a New Version of Its Merchant Dashboard and a New User Portal

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- (YSO) anticipates the launch of their debit card into the projected 2020 US $4.7 trillion dollar FinTech industry, a new version of its merchant dashboard and a...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx Has Launched an Integration With Pinterest, Reddit, and WhatsApp, Opening Up Billions of Users Who Can be Rewarded Through YSO

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods (OTC:PNNX) has announced the ability to share rewards, discounts, and offers on three new platforms with its patent-pending web app (YSO), lending...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx Partners With Global Digital Forensics to Create a Cloud-Based Forensic Dashboard

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods (OTC:PNNX) has entered into a partnership agreement with Global Digital Forensics (GDF) to develop cloud-based forensic tools. Digital forensics is a multi-billion dollar...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx's Your Social Offers (YSO) Enters Into an Agreement with Optical Outlets to Reach Over 200,000 Users to Grow YSOs User Base and Provide Substantial Savings to Optical Outlets Patients

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods' (OTC: PNNX) Your Social Offers (YSO), a wholly owned subsidiary, has entered into an agreement with Optical Outlets to potentially reach over 200,000 users.

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
The Top Companies Reaping Rewards From Popular Loyalty Programs

Our world is more connected than ever before thanks to social media. In fact, for the 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, it's changed the way we gather information, the way we shop, the way we socialize,...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
RKUNY : 11.0100 (-2.05%)
NLSN : 13.87 (+1.24%)
QUOT : 7.36 (+4.69%)
GRPN : 22.93 (+5.23%)
Pennexx's "Your Social Offers" is Poised to Help Businesses Attract New Customers

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods (OTC:PNNX): Earlier this week, Pennexx launched its Your Social Offers (YSO) portal to the public at that allows businesses to register and...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx Foods Officially Launches Your Social Offers Portal to the Public

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennex Foods (OTC:PNNX) is pleased to announce it has launched its "Your Social Offers" (YSO) portal to the public,, allowing anyone to register online...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx Has Submitted Its First Patent, is Launching Its First Product and Releasing a Video, Websites and More Information on Friday January 31, 2020

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods Inc. (Pennexx) is continuing to execute its first quarter strategy to launch its first products and begin generating revenue in the first quarter.

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
Pennexx Takes Next Steps Building Its Business, Revealing Its Strategy and Launching Its First Product in the First Quarter

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Foods Inc. has become Pink current on OTC Markets. The development team is working on the initial launch of one of its first products which enables businesses to utilize social...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)
PNNX Acquires Triple 888's Logistics Inc., and its Intellectual Property "Bit Gift"(TM)

via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pennexx Acquires Triple 888's Logistics Inc., a prepaid debit card for cryptocurrency company and "Your Social Offers" artificial intelligence will be utilized to obtain and monetize...

PNNX : 0.1100 (unch)

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 100% Sell with a Strongest short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend.

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Key Turning Points

2nd Resistance Point 0.1379
1st Resistance Point 0.1239
Last Price 0.1100
1st Support Level 0.1006
2nd Support Level 0.0913

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52-Week High 0.8850
Fibonacci 61.8% 0.5580
Fibonacci 50% 0.4570
Fibonacci 38.2% 0.3560
Last Price 0.1100
52-Week Low 0.0290

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