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Thu, Dec 7th, 2023

Peter Tsimicalis

Peter Tsimicalis

Peter Tsimicalis is the founding author of Coachman’s Research - a firm based out of Toronto that takes a top down look at markets within its newsletter the Coachman’s Report which is circulated to thousands of investors before the open, everyday.

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Nextech3D.AI – Pure Play AI at its Finest!

Join us today as we break down the year to date breakthroughs and accomplishments of our partner,

Nextech3D.AI – Your Metaverse Company

The concept of Artificial Intelligence was born in 1936 when famous mathematician Alan Turing proposed the concept of a universal machine that could perform any computation that a human could. | An Interview with Evan Gappelberg

Recently, the team at Coachman’s had the chance to sit down with the CEO of our partner Nextech, Evan Gappelberg.

NextechAR Solutions - Creating Value Through Real Innovation

In today’s economy, many tech firms are hyper focused on a small subsect of the target market that their product addresses. While this has been a successful business model in the past, as we move towards...

NexTech: High-Risk, High-Reward Technology Play

Many have heralded AR shopping as the green method to combat mass amounts of returned items from e-commerce stores clogging up landfills worldwide, and NexTech alongside their spun-off subsidiary, ARway,...

$NTAR, $NEXCF | Capitalizing on the Coming E-Commerce Revolution

Throughout modern history, there have been a handful of technological turning points which rendered tools which were once the industry standard obsolete. While there have been numerous pivots like it in...

The Future of Augmented Reality, Today. | $NTAR

In the years since the Google Glass was first unveiled and Pokémon Go became a worldwide hit on mobile devices, the augmented reality (AR) industry has undergone a series of increasingly important incremental...

Casting a Wide Net | $GEMS

The battery metals space is an area of the market that by all accounts of major economic trends will consolidate itself as a key subsector of the overall metals and mining space; in fact, while global...

$GEMS | Investing in Home-Grown Batteries

Fast forward with us to the not-so-distant future where oil, natural gas and coal have continued to drift up in price as a result of a myriad of factors. Chiefly among them, the continued divide between...

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Seasonality Note 🚨: S&P 500 has typically outperformed in the 5 days before and after Christmas according to Ned Davis Research. Will 2023 hold true to form or did Santa come early this year?
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The SOFR Rate (Secured Overnight Financing Rate) jumped to a record high last week
Gasoline closed at its lowest price in more than a year and is roughly the same price it was at the onset of covid
Homebuilder Stocks are trading at an all-time high. Warren Buffett wins again!
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