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Tue, Jan 26th, 2021
Gregor Horvat
Gregor Horvat

Grega is based in Slovenia and has been involved in markets since 2003. He is the owner of Ew-Forecast, but before that he was working for Capital Forex Group and His feature articles have been published on,, Action forex, , Barchart, Investing, Insidefutures, and even appeared on Real Vision TV in 2019. He is also part of a team at Forex Analytix and regular speaker at very popular show F.A.C.E, covering his Elliott wave analysis and opinion. He also won the award on for Best Forex Analysis in 2016, plus Best Buy-Side Analysis in 2018. At Ew-forecast he helps clients and educates them about the Elliott wave principle and how to label and track unfolding patterns in real time. His approach to the markets is technical in combination of market sentiment and important events that can cause a change in cycles. He uses a lot of different methods when analyzing the markets such as candlestick patterns, MA, technical indicators etc. His specialty, however, is Elliott Wave Theory which could be very helpful especially if you know how to use it in combination with other tools/indicators.

About EW-Forecast

Our team is providing advanced information about Elliott Wave theory in real time. The Elliott Wave Principle gives you a method for identifying the behavior of the markets and at what points the market is most likely to turn. We help market participants, who are interested in Elliott Wave theory, to understand the investors mood and market cylces. We are doing our best to explain our views as simple as possible when tracking the market cycles from pessimism to optimism and vice versa.

Most Recent Stories

USDCAD And Crude Oil May Resume Trends After Pullbacks

We see DXY possibly turning into a correction so USDCAD may see more upside especially if crude slows down at 55-56 near-term resistance.

NVIDIA May Face A Deeper Correction

Nvidia can be trading in an A-B-C correction within wave 4 that can ideally find the support around 400 level.

Bitcoin Is Looking For Lower Support Levels

BTCUSD has slowed down into an A-B-C correction, where wave C is still missing and where wave B seems to be a bearish triangle pattern.

Can Wedges Cause A Reversal? EUR, JPY, SPX, DAX

Stocks are higher, but USD recovering. Can potential resistance cause dollar to rally further? Watching the EURUSD and USDJPY

EW Analysis: Aussie Is Unfolding A Five-Wave Bullish Cycle

Hello traders!If you are familiar with Elliott Wave, then you know that impulsive wave consists of five waves and we can expect it to unfold on AUDUSD pair.Aussie (AUDUSD) is in an impulsive rally and...

EW Analysis: AUDNZD Is Turning Bullish

Hello traders!AUDNZD has a clear bullish setup formation since March lows. We can see five waves up as part of an impulse and three-wave (seven-wave) complex W-X-Y of a correcion, which in Elliott Wave...

EW Anaylsis: Bears On USDJPY Are Running Out Of Steam; Bullish Turn in 2021?

Hello traders!USDJPY came down as expected and tested the lower trendline support of a potential ending diagonal placed in wave Y that can be a final part of a complex corrective drop down from 111.70....

EW Analysis: GOLD Is Looking Higher In 2021

Hello traders and investors!Today we will talk about gold, its price action from a technical point of view and wave structure from Elliott Wave perspective.If you are familiar with Elliott Wave, then you...

EW Analysis: USDTRY Is Trading In An A-B-C Correction

Hello traders!USDTRY made strong and impulsive five-wave decline in November, which in EW theory suggests a deeper decline at least in three waves A-B-C.USDTRY, 4hAs you can see, after that five-wave drop...

SILVER Pausing The Bullish Trend

Hi traders!Silver is bullish since March of 2020, as it made a five-wave (impulsive) recovery. A five-wave move in Elliott wave theory is a sign for the direction of the trend (in our case this is to the...

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