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Thu, Feb 29th, 2024

Przemyslaw K. Radomski

Przemyslaw K. Radomski

Przemyslaw K. Radomski, CFA has over twenty years of expertise in the precious metals. Treating self-growth and conscious capitalism as core principles, Mr. Radomski is the founder of and, parts of financial community ( that empowers authors and investors.

Most Recent Stories

Fibonacci Seems to Be Right Once Again – At Least About Gold

After moving higher on Friday, gold price disappointed on Monday. What’s going on? Which move is real?

The Turnaround Are Almost Here

Gold and USDX move in the opposite directions and the end of the consolidation in the latter is important for the former.

Gold Price Plunges and Profits Soar as Stocks Invalidate Their Key Breakout

Congratulations to everyone, who waited out the corrective rally. The profits on this short position are bigger than ever!

Will the Chinese New Year Help Gold?

Gold moves to new monthly lows and miners move to new yearly lows. Is this the Chinese New Year effect?

Tipping Points That Gold Investors Shouldn’t Miss

The situation in gold and gold stocks is not stagnant. Something shifted. And the implications are not minor.

Gold Price’s Rally is Normal, but Is It Really Bullish?

Gold price rallied this week, and this got many heads turning. Rightfully so?

Gold Stocks’ Reversal, Silver, and Fundamental News

What a beautiful reversal in mining stocks! What a tremendous verification!

Silver’s Leading the Way… to New Yearly Lows

“Whites lead yellow” is one of the sayings about the precious metals market. And the white – silver – is down.

New 2024 Lows in Miners, New Highs in The USD Index – How Profitable

So it happened. The USD Index verified its breakout in a beautiful style. That’s really important for gold price.

More Breakdowns in Mining Stocks – All Eyes on the USD

Gold miners just moved to fresh 2024 lows, and we saw additional breakdowns. The decline continues, as expected.

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Nigeria's currency is falling to new all-time lows against the U.S. Dollar
Since 1974, the S&P 500 generated returns of at least 100% during the 3 years prior to every bubble peak. Over the last 3 years, the $SPX is only up about 31% which is basically right at the average rolling 3-year return. In other words, data shows this likely isn't a bubble.
ETFs w/ most active options trading: $SPY - 6.8M $QQQ - 3.3M $IWM - 1.1M $FXI - 344k $XLF - 326k $BITO - 296k $TQQQ - 252k $TLT - 201k $HYG - 183k $SQQQ - 177k $EEM - 143k $SLV - 133k $SOXL - 126k $EWZ - 115k $GDX - 104k $EFA - 96k $KWEB - 95k $XBI - 83k $UVXY - 79k $XLE - 79k
Stocks w/ most active options trading: $TSLA - 1.8M $NVDA - 992k $AAPL - 932k $MARA - 921k $BAC - 665k $AMZN - 581k $GOOGL - 507k $COIN - 498k $BYND - 417k $AMC - 379k $META - 367k $AMD - 366k $PLTR - 300k $RIOT - 289k $GOOG - 261k $RIVN - 256k What options did you trade?
Bitcoin $BTC is Extremely Greedy right now hitting an 80 level
2-Year Treasury Yield rose to 4.7% yesterday, its highest level since early December. The general trend for yields continues higher!
Stock Market now registering a 79 Extreme Greed level, will we see 80s this week? 🤑💰🥳🫡
Snowflake $SNOW getting absolutely punished in after hours trading
Bitcoin $BTC has reached the most overbought level on the weekly chart since February 2021
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