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View Systems Inc (VSYM)

View Systems Inc (VSYM)

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  • Market Capitalization, $K N/A
  • Shares Outstanding, K N/A
  • Annual Sales, $ 0 K
  • Annual Income, $ 0 K
  • 60-Month Beta N/A
  • Price/Sales N/A
  • Price/Cash Flow N/A
  • Price/Book N/A
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  • Price/Earnings ttm N/A
  • Earnings Per Share ttm N/A
  • Most Recent Earnings N/A on N/A
  • Next Earnings Date N/A
  • Annual Dividend & Yield N/A (0.00%)
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
0.0001 unch
on 11/22/22
0.0001 unch
on 11/22/22
-0.0001 (-50.00%)
since 10/14/22
0.0001 unch
on 11/22/22
0.0002 -50.00%
on 10/14/22
unch (unch)
since 08/22/22
0.0001 unch
on 11/22/22
0.0003 -66.67%
on 05/06/22
unch (unch)
since 11/22/21

Most Recent Stories

More News
View Systems, Inc. (OTC: VSYM) and Ultimate Sports, Inc. (OTC: USPS) Announce Plans to Issue Shares in USPS to VSYM Shareholders of Record as of June 30, 2022.

Ultimate Sports, Inc. plans to acquire Sannabis S.A.S., a licensed medical marijuana Company in Colombia. For every VSYM share held, holder will receive...

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
Ultimate Sports, Inc. (OTC: USPS) Enters Negotiations to Acquire a Licensed Cannabis Producer in Colombia.

The Company will enter into Agreements with Sannabis S.A.S. and Affiliate View Systems, Inc. (OTC: VSYM) to Acquire its Interest in Sannabis Indiana-USA...

OTC.VN : 0.400 (-1.23%)
VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Announces New Product to Supply the Food and Beverage Industry with Cannabis Flavorings Full of Terpenes and Flavonoids to Enhance a Products Essence and Therapeutic Value

Sannabis r ecently announced approvals by an Inspector from Colombia’s Ministry of Agriculture of their Seed Bank Facilities in anticipation of the Issuance of a coveted Cannabis Seed Use License....

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Announces APPROVALS of their Seed Bank Facilities by Inspector from Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA) for the Issuance of a Coveted Cannabis Seed Use License in Colombia.

Sannabis received two approvals, one for registration as an entity to conduct Agronomic Evaluation Studies (PEA), and another for registration as a producer of selected seeds.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) Announces Declaration of Dividend of View Systems International, Inc. to Shareholders of Record on February 19, 2021.

Company continues to receive inquiries from existing customers wanting to upgrade their ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detection units to include thermal detection.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) to Declare Dividend of Shares in Operating Entity, View Systems International, Inc., to spin out their ViewScan Technology and Focus on Developing their South American Cannabis Operations.

  Sannabis was recently issued a Fabrication License by the Colombian Government and anticipates soon the approval of Cultivation and Seed Use Licenses.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Announces Issuance of Fabrication, Production, and Export License by Colombia’s Ministry of Health for Cannabis THC and Hemp Derivatives to Supply a Market Growing at 23% annually.

Company already selling hemp seed oil products approved by INVIMA, Colombia’s FDA.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) Announces International Pre-Orders for ViewScan and Launches New Website to Begin Marketing ViewScan II with Real Time Thermal Imaging Temperature Results and other Enhanced Features.

Company to finalize acquisition of Colombian Cannabis Company, Sannabis S.A.S., and announce cannabis licenses.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Meets Today with Students and Faculty from Colombia’s Oldest University to Implement their Cannabis Internship Program to Research their Medical and Cosmetic Products and Cannabis Cultivars.

Students will study medical properties, benefits, dosage, social impact, and perform Agronomic Evaluation Tests for their Seed Bank.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)
View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Prepares for Site Visit of their Seed Bank Facility near Popayan-CAUCA from the Colombian Agriculture Institute (ICA) on July 30.

Approval of a Seed Use License is a coveted and valuable asset since no more applications are allowed since 2018.

VSYM : 0.0001 (unch)

Barchart Technical Opinion

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 40% Sell with a Weakening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 0.0001
2nd Resistance Point 0.0001
1st Resistance Point 0.0001
Last Price 0.0001
1st Support Level 0.0001
2nd Support Level 0.0001
3rd Support Level 0.0001

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52-Week High 0.0003
Fibonacci 61.8% 0.0002
Fibonacci 50% 0.0002
Fibonacci 38.2% 0.0002
Last Price 0.0001
52-Week Low 0.0001

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