Any panel, and the data it contains, can be printed.

  1. Click the Action Menu, located in the top right corner of the panel.
    Note: Certain panels, such as the Chart, allow you to print by right-clicking on the chart.
  2. Select Print.
    Result: The Print Panel dialog box displays. Print options are listed on the left, and a preview of the panel as it will print on the selected Layout appears on the right.
  3. If desired, change any of the settings.
  4. Click Print to begin printing, then click Close to close the Print Panel.
Option Description
Printer Choose the Printer from the drop-down list. (The list shows all printers installed on your computer or network.)
Copies The number of copies to print
Layout Choose from Portrait (8.5" wide x 11' height) or Landscape (11" wide x 8.5" height) paper
Size Choose from Custom (image size is relative to paper size) or Fill (image will fill the paper to the margins)
Color Choose from Light background or Dark background.