Setup Wizard

The first time you launch the application, a setup wizard appears. The wizard gives you the opportunity to load preconfigured workspaces, set a color Theme, and identify a default symbol to use for new panels you will create.

Setup Wizard

Preconfigured Workspaces

Choose from a number of workspaces that are configured with panels and symbols specific to the type of content it holds.

Note: This is the only time you will have an opportunity to import sample workspaces, unless you uninstall and reinstall the application.


There are two themes for the Barchart Trader application, a light or dark theme.

Note: You may change the theme at a later time from the Application Menu.

Default Symbol

The default symbol is used when you create a new panel. For example, when adding a new Chart, the default symbol is used unless you change it.

Note: You may change the default symbol at a later time from the Application Menu.