Set a Price Alert

Price alerts are set from either a Quoteboard that contains the symbol, or from the Alerts panel.

From a Quoteboard

  1. Right-click on the symbol, and select Add Price Alert.
    Result: The Add Price Alerts dialog box opens.
  2. Continue from Step 4, below.

From the Alerts Panel

  1. Click the + button, found on the bottom right of the application. From the General grouping in the panel chooser, click Price Alerts.
  2. A preview window appears. If desired, you can add the alert in this temporary window, or click Add to Workspace to place the panel on your workspace before proceeding.
  3. Click the Add Alert button at the top right of the panel.
    Result: The Add Price Alerts dialog box opens.
  4. In the Symbol field, type the symbol you wish to set the alert on.
  5. Select the price field from the Alert Trigger drop-down list.
  6. Select the Alert Type from the drop-down list. Options include Greater Than, Less Than, or Range.
  7. If you selected an Alert Type of "Greater Than" or "Less Than", enter the desired value in the Alert Price field. If the Alert Type is "Range", set a Range Upper and Range Lower value.
  8. You may optionally add notes or comments in the Note field. The note will be displayed when the alert is triggered.
  9. You may optionally check the Open dialog when triggered checkbox. When checked, a pop-up window appears when the alert is triggered where your response is required before you can return to the application.
  10. Click Save.