Delete a Display

When you delete a display, you may optionally move all of its workspaces to the main application window. If you do not move them, all content for the display is deleted.

  1. Click the Displays Displays icon, found in the lower right corner of the main application window..
    Result: The icon expands, showing colors representing displays that are currently configured. In this example, you have two displays: RED (your main application window) and GREEN (a second display)
  2. Right-click on the colored rectangle of the display you wish to delete, and select Delete Display..
    Result: A confirmation appears, asking if you wish to delete the display.
  3. You may optionally move all the workspaces from the display to the main application window but checking "Copy Workspaces to main Display".
  4. Click Yes to delete the display.

Note: You may also manage displays from the Additional Displays tab, found in your Account Settings.