Workspace Right-Click Options

Right-click on any Workspace tab to view additional options. Options include:

Option Description
Move to Display When using multiple displays, you can move the entire workspace to a different monitor/display.

Read more about Multiple Displays.
Capture Screenshot This option will save an image of your workspace onto your clipboard.
Duplicate Workspace Makes a copy of the workspace with all of its widgets. You are asked to give the new workspace a name.
Share Workspace Use this option to share a workspace (can be used to share with another Trader user). A copy of the workspace is saved to your desktop, where it can then be merged into someone else's application.

Read more about sharing Workspaces.
Print Workspace Sends a copy of the workspace to your printer. You are presented with a Print dialog, where you can define the printer, page layout, scaling options and color settings.
Rename Workspace Allows you to enter a descriptive name for the Workspace.
Delete Workspace An optional way to delete the workspace. (Workspaces can be deleted by clicking the X on the Workspace tab.) You are asked to confirm the deletion.